How many physics questions are there in AIIMS?

How many physics questions are there in AIIMS?

60 questions
The AIIMS Entrance Test is a computer-based exam, which has 200 multiple-choice objective type questions from Physics (60 questions), Chemistry (60 questions), Biology (60 questions) and General Knowledge (20 questions).

Do questions repeat in AIIMS?

AIIMS seldomely repeats any question and that exam is known for its standard. Still solve all the previous year questions especially AR questions so you know the framework of the questions asked.

Is Ncert is enough for AIIMS?

They suggest AIIMS preparation using NCERT books along with other AIIMS books as that would better the preparation and feed you with more information. It is strongly suggested to go through the NCERT books and NCERT Solutions as much thoroughly as possible for the entire syllabus is largely based on it.

How tough is AIIMS physics Quora?

It’s tough because it requires concepts, you Can’t solve a question when you have no idea what’s been asked but you can always give some extra time for the calculations. It being harder than NEET may depend year to year but take a general consensus that it will usually be tougher than NEET.

How many questions are there in the AIIMS exam?

In AIIMS, 10–15 questions are present in the exam each year which are of the above category. However, there are some easy-peasy ones which everyone is able to do.

How to prepare Physics for the AIIMS exam?

AIIMS requires concepts, that’s all. Your concepts should be crystal clear, then physics will seem moderate. Don’t clear your concepts, physics will be a nightmare. During my preparation, I first completed HC Verma, including all solved examples, all exercises (50–60 of those).

Which is the best book for Physics for MCQs?

For MCQs, you can solve questions from DCP (DC PANDEY), the best in MCQs for physics. Buy it and get it started as early as possible but, yes only when you’re properly thorough with the theory of all the chapters or you can start after finishing one chapter and then can proceed to solving ample no. of questions regarding that chapter.

Which is the best way to prepare for AIIMS?

Try to remember they way they have been derived. AIIMS usually asks questions which are based on the intermediate formulas got during derivation, not necessarily the end results. If you practice derivations many times, you will be able to remember the steps.