How does Tomb Raiser work in Trove?

How does Tomb Raiser work in Trove?

While not a threat to you, they melt your Bonetourage minions. This forces you to only summon minions the instant before turning them into a goliath, as keeping them on the battlefield for any longer would kill them, and waste their souls.

Is Tomb Raiser magic damage?

It’s magic damage for both your damage and your minion’s damage. Physical damage won’t do anything for you.

Does attack speed work on Tomb Raiser trove?

Attack speed has no benefit for tomb raiser.

How do you get the gem Tomb Raiser class?

They can be obtained by completing a Shadow Colosseum dungeon in the Shores of the Everdark world, then using a Class Gem Key on the Everdark Vault that spawns; the vault will drop a Class Gem matching the class that the player has equipped when opening the vault.

What kind of class is Tomb Raiser trove?

This class is considered to be an undead summoner from the Cursed Vale biome. Channels a piercing laser which damages enemies and heals Bonetourage skeletons and Grave Goliath. Attack Speed has no effect (Automatically set to 0 Attack Speed). Can damage through blocks. Periodically attracts a restless soul, up to a maximum of 3.

How much damage does a Tomb Raiser minion take?

Notes: Each attack a minion takes will damage it’s health by about 20%. This is regardless of the damage the attack inflicts. Throw range of 8 Blocks. Can damage through blocks. Minions recieve a small window of invincibility after recieving damage. Emotes with you. Can be healed by Chloromancer’s Basic Attack and Blooming Pollinator.

Are there any mob bosses in Tomb Raiser?

Also note that the tomb raiser is extremely vulnerable without minions. Note that some Mob Bosses will have effects that require heavy changes to your tactics, lest they become a threat. these include: Bosses that spawn Spore-cloud attacks: These spore clouds deal small damage very rapidly.

What’s the best way to start a Tomb Raiser fight?

Always start your fights by summoning a 3-minion (or 4-minion) Grave Goliath. Periodically use Bonetourage to summon fresh minions and to avoid wasting souls you would have missed if you maintain the number of souls you have at 3, as well as Banshee’s Boon, which will make healing your minions as well as damaging enemies much easier.