How does secrecy work in lotr lcg?

How does secrecy work in lotr lcg?

Secrecy X makes the card’s cost lower by X resources while your threat is 20 or lower. For example a 5 cost card with Secrecy 3 will therefore cost you only 2 resources while your threat is 20 or lower.

Is Lord of the Rings LCG worth it?

Very worth it. The first cycle isn’t the best, they became a lot more adventurous with their design in later cycles, but it does have a lot of decent player cards that will help in deck building. Then just get the Hobbit / Fellowship saga boxes if that’s what you’re in to.

What order should I play Lord of the Rings LCG?

Here’s the order that I would recommend:

  1. Core Box (a minimum of two, but three is truly ideal)
  2. Khazad-Dum & the Dwarrowdelf Cycle.
  3. The Hobbit Saga Expansions.
  4. Heirs of Numenor & the Against the Shadows Cycle.
  5. The Lord of the Rings Saga Expansions.
  6. The Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle.
  7. The Voice of Isengard and the Ring-Maker Cycle.

Is LOTR adventure card game the same as the LCG?

Its digital adaptation titled The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game is published by Asmodee Digital for cross-platform play on Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, being the “first ever digital LCG”.

What kind of cards are in LotR LCG?

S aga E xpansion: These follow the story from Tolkien’s works directly; each contains several heroes, player and encounter cards, and 3 scenarios. P rint o n D emand: Each contains encounter cards and 1 scenario.

How does the guarded keyword effect work in Lord of the Rings?

If another objective card comes up while attaching a card for the guarded keyword, place the second objective in the staging area, and use the next card of the encounter deck to fulfill the original keyword effect. Enemy and location cards attached to guarded objectives do still count their threat while the enemy or location is in the staging area.

How does The Lord of the Rings card game work?

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative adventure game in which the players attempt to complete a scenario, each with up to three heroes of their choice and a deck of allies, events and attachments to support them. Each round, players send their heroes and allies to quest or to fight with enemies that engage them.

What happens to the clue objective card in Lord of the Rings?

Additionally, if the attached hero is destroyed or leaves play for any other reason, the clue objective card is returned to the top of the encounter deck. If an encounter card with the doomed keyword is revealed during the staging step of the quest phase, each player must raise his threat level by the specified value.