How do you get a free scoop of washing powder?

How do you get a free scoop of washing powder?

Persil is giving away FREE dosing measuring device. This will help you to measure your washing machine powder. To get your FREE Persil dosing device click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and visit the offer page on the Persil website. Choose from a dosing ball or a scoop, fill in the form with your details and submit.

How do you make a fairy dosing ball?

To order one please go to the Contact Us page select Email and then select “Dosing Device” in the “Reason for Writing” dropdown. Once your request has been processed, the dosing device should be with you in approx 2 weeks.

Do I need a dosing ball?

Anyone who has used a liquid dosing ball will know just how useful they are. Not only do they allow you to precisely dose the right amount of washing liquid for your laundry (saving on detergent waste), but they also allow you to pre-treat stains. That means you can get outstanding stain removal in the first wash!

Can I put Fairy Non Bio liquid in the drawer?

You will need a container to keep the liquid in – either in a ball or within the liquid detergent drawer – but it doesn’t come with one.

How big is Fairy Non Bio washing powder?

Fairy Non Bio Washing Powder, 90 Scoop Brand Fairy Item form Powder Item dimensions L x W x H 28 x 14 x 38 millimetres Weight 5850 Grams Unit count 1 Washing powder

Are there any scoops in the washing powder box?

There was a time , in the days of yore , there was a scoop in every box and you would trip over them .

How big is the Persil washing powder scoop?

The solution is simple: a handy Persil dosing device that ensures we use the right amount of detergent each and every time we wash our clothes. What Size is the Persil Washing Powder Scoop? The Persil scoop quickly and easily measures 110ml of Persil’s powdered detergents, which is the perfect amount for washing a standard load of laundry.

What kind of laundry aid is Fairy Non Bio?

Introducing the Fairy Non Bio range of Stain Removers, Ironing Water and Wool and Delicates. Formulated for colours and whites and dermatologically accredited to be kind to your skin.