How do I plan a holiday party for the office?

How do I plan a holiday party for the office?

The Company Holiday Party Checklist

  1. Set a Date. Send a survey to employees with date options. Choose the date with the majority vote. Send a “save the date”
  2. Budget It. Determine the maximum budget. Rank party elements by priority (entertainment, food, etc.)
  3. Type of Party. After-hours party. At-work celebration.

What can I do instead of an office holiday party?

10 Alternatives to the Office Holiday Party

  • Make cookies for a holiday cookie tasting.
  • Schedule an ugly holiday sweater day.
  • Hold an in-house catered lunch with fun and games.
  • Participate in a holiday card exchange.
  • Make a charitable contribution in lieu of an office party.
  • Schedule an employee potluck lunch.

What do you do at an office Christmas party?

List of office Christmas party ideas

  • Holiday Bingo. Holiday Bingo is a game that encourages party guests to mingle.
  • Tree Decorating Competition.
  • Gingerbread House Build-off.
  • Secret Hall Deckers.
  • Christmas Candy Bar or Cookie Bar.
  • Pet Party.
  • Merry Murder Mystery.
  • Poinsettia Potluck.

How do I have a fun holiday party?

Just don’t forget your favorite winter drink recipe and a slice of fruitcake. For those with a crafty holiday spirit, you’ll love our crafter-noon parties. From crafting Christmas wreaths to hosting a fun (and helpful) gift-wrapping party, we have enough ideas to last you the entire season—and then some!

What do you need for a holiday party?

Whether you’re hosting a holiday cocktails get-together or a Christmas cookie exchange, here are some party essentials not to forget.

  • Servers and bar carts.
  • Christmas cocktails.
  • Drink coasters.
  • Bar stools.
  • Vase of festive flowers.
  • Home decor and accessories.
  • Bluetooth speaker.
  • Holiday music playlist.

What time do holiday parties start?

Planning a holiday party for families If you want to throw a party that includes families and children (perhaps even your own), we recommend waiting until Saturday. Start the party in the early evening—say, 5 p.m.—to not interfere with bedtime.

How do you make an office Christmas party fun?

11 Creative Office Christmas Party Ideas Your Employees Will Love

  1. DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.
  2. Setup a Whodunnit?
  3. Volunteer Together.
  4. Schedule a Painting or Craft Party.
  5. Try to Escape an Escape Room.
  6. Head to a Trampoline Park.
  7. Explore Local Attractions.
  8. Spend the Day at a Theme Park.

What are good holiday themes?

40 Fun Holiday Party Themes

  • A Storybook Christmas. Invite guests to bring a children’s book to donate to the local library, school or literacy center.
  • Fill Santa’s Sleigh. Ask each guest to bring a gift to fill Santa’s sleigh.
  • Trim My Tree.
  • Christmas in Vegas.
  • Friends of Rudolph.
  • Building Christmas.
  • A Christmas Auction.

What time should a holiday party start?

A good start time for a weeknight party is 6 or 6:30, so guests can come straight from work and still get home at a proper time. For a weekend party, a later start time is fine.

How do I host a holiday?

12 Tips for Hosting Holiday Guests Like a Pro

  1. Cook Ahead!
  2. Keep a Well-Stocked Pantry.
  3. Leave a Welcome Note.
  4. DIY a Guest Room if You Don’t Have One.
  5. Free Up Closet Space.
  6. The Little Things Make a Difference.
  7. Skip the Paper Napkins and Plates.
  8. Invest in a Coat Rack. It’s Worth It.

Where are the best party venues in Marietta GA?

Located in east Cobb Marietta Soco events is a unique venue that can be transformed into the event of your dreams. Schoolhouse Brewing, recently voted “#1 New Brewery in Georgia”, invites you to come on in and check out what will quickly become your favorite new hang out.

What to serve at an office Christmas party?

Arrange tasting stations (seafood, beef, and pasta) so that your employees can work around the room, trying the Merlot with the bolognese and Pinot Noir with the pork tenderloin. 3. Christmas “Family Feud”: This holiday party idea celebrates the heyday of the game show “Family Feud.”

When to have an office holiday party 2018?

One 2018 survey found that a little more than one-third of office holiday parties were held on-site. Starting the party a bit before the end of the workday means people enjoy the added perk of wrapping up early. Cons: Everyone is still at work. Tips: Try not to hold the event in the same room with all of the desks and cubicles.

How to have an office holiday party on a budget?

Friday Finds: 30 Festive Office Holiday Party Ideas When You’re on a Budget. 1 1. On-site office parties. 2 2. Celebrate at the boss’ house. 3 3. Rent an Airbnb for the evening. 4 4. A budget-friendly banquet hall or restaurant. 5 5. Everyone pitches in for a holiday potluck.