How do I find my RBC home branch?

How do I find my RBC home branch?

You can also go into your Online Banking, under “Bank Accounts”. Beside each account, you will find a 5-digit transit number (before hyphen) and a 7-digit account number (after hyphen). The institution number for RBC is 003. Or, you can call us at 1-800 ROYAL 1-1 or visit your branch to get this information.

How do I call RBC Direct Branch?

  1. Find a Branch.
  2. Call 1-800-769-2511.
  3. Customer Service.

Does RBC have an American branch?

Where Canadians Bank in America. Whether you’re heading to the U.S. to live, work, vacation or study, RBC Bank — a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada — provides U.S. banking solutions to RBC Royal Bank® clients.

How do I pay my bill at RBC ATM?

To pay a bill:

  1. Go to “Pay bills and transfer funds”.
  2. Enter the desired amount and the account you would like to withdraw from.
  3. Complete the rest of the payment details and select “Continue”.
  4. If all of the details are correct, select “Confirm”.

Where is the Royal Bank of Canada in Victoria BC?

Routing Number # 000308000 | Royal Bank of Canada | Transit Number # 08000-003| Main Br-Victoria – 1079 Douglas Street, 1079 Douglas St, Victoria – BC Details of Routing Number # 000308000. Bank : Royal Bank of Canada . Branch : Main Br-Victoria . Routing Number : 000308000. Transit Numner (MICR) # 08000-003.

What is the routing number for Royal Bank of Canada?

Routing Number is used in Canada to identify the bank and the branch to which the payment is directed. Routing number for Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) have two formats: 1.

Can you use an ATM at a RBC branch?

Be prepared: Each branch has their own guidelines for capacity. Despite our best efforts there may be times when you’ll need to wait outside before entering. Consider your options: If the branch is busy, consider using an RBC ATM for faster service and do your banking from home whenever possible.

Is there a wealth management branch in Victoria?

Whether your investments are personal or corporate, one of our Advisors at our Victoria or Sidney Branches would be pleased to provide you with tailored Wealth Management and Investment Solutions to help achieve your personal and life goals.