How do I contact Google Chrome customer care?

How do I contact Google Chrome customer care?

Other Customer Service options – Google Pay India Grievance Center is available here. – You can also find details about how to contact Google Pay India support at the Help Center page here. – Customer Care number toll free at: 1-800-419-0157.

What is the Chromebook number?

If your Chromebook will power up, you can press alt+v at the login screen and your serial number will be displayed at the top right of the screen.

How do I contact Chromebook manufacturer?

If you still have problems, contact your manufacturer with the list below….Get help from your Chromebook manufacturer.

Country United States
Manufacturer Acer
Help page Get Acer help
Phone number 1-866-695-2237
Chat Chat with Acer

What is the search command on a Chromebook?

Page & web browser

Page up Alt + Up arrow
Save your current webpage as a bookmark Ctrl + d
Save all open pages in your current window as bookmarks in a new folder Shift + Ctrl + d
Search the current page Ctrl + f
Go to the next match for your search Ctrl + g or Enter

How to contact chrome?

” launched with a Google webcomic to celebrate the company’s first web browser.

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  • What is googles customer service number?

    The customer service number of Google is 650-253-0000

    What is the phone number for Google support?

    Google’s contact phone number is 1-866-246-6453 and their contact email is adwords [email protected], but please keep in mind you probably won’t get a reply to your question via these channels.