How can I use MTN free browsing?

How can I use MTN free browsing?

MTN Free Browsing Cheat Using Spark VPN App On Android

  1. First, download Spark VPN.
  2. Download Spark VPN Tweak File here.
  3. Install and open the app on your phone.
  4. Leave the first drop-down as “Auto-Select Location”.
  5. Now, tap on “Tweak” at the top-right corner.
  6. Select “MTN 50 MB Daily” from the list.

How can I get Mtn 10GB free?


  1. After completing the upgrading process, just insert your SIM in a 4G enabled phone.
  2. Send an SMS with the word ā€œ4Gā€ to 131. Or simple send 4G to 131 using your text message.
  3. Your SIM/line will be loaded or credited with FREE 10GB data.

How can I get MTN 1GB for 200?

How to Activate and Migrate to Mtn 1GB for 200 Naira

  1. You need to have a minimum of ā‚¦200 airtime on the MTN Simcard to be used for the data subscription.
  2. You dial the code *131*65#, Select 2 as an option in the dialogue box that appears.

How can I get free e learning data on MTN?

  1. You need to get the free 500MB e-learning data visit or
  2. then scroll around the website for a few minutes to get the 500MB as an Sms on your device.
  3. Then dial *131*4# to confirm the 500mb has been given.
  4. Once you have the 500MB Data you are good to proceed to the next setting.

How to use a VPN for free on MTN?

MTN Free Browsing Cheat Using Tweakware VPN 1 Go to Playstore and download Tweakware or Click here if you don’t have it installed on your phone. 2 Install the VPN and open it. 3 Go to Settings and tap “Custom Tweak”.

How to get free unlimited data on MTN?

Follow the below steps to activate the unlimited free data cheat on mtn that offers you 10gigabytes for 100Naira only. Hey! Don’t Miss These Cheap MTN Data Plans For Android Phones Right Now. Recharge at least N100 on your MTN line if you have insufficient airtime balance. Now dial *123# on your dialer with MTN set as default for calls.

How to subscribe to 10GB MTN WeChat plan?

Now dial *123# on your dialer with MTN set as default for calls. You will see a pop-up menu, reply 3, reply 3, reply 6, reply 1 and reply 1 to select MTN Wechat Plan. You want to subscribe to the MTN 10gigabytes data plan, so select N100 for 10GB. After successful activation, dial *131*4# to confirm your data balance.

How to check your data balance on MTN?

Recharge your line with at least 100Naira. Simply dial *131*100# to subscribe to the plan. You can always check your data balance by dialing *131*4#. It’s valid for 30days. There are more cheats for you below, check them out.