Does Tim Hortons make Tassimo pods?

Does Tim Hortons make Tassimo pods?

Single-Serve Discs – Tassimo T-Discs Selected from the world’s most renowned coffee growing regions, our beans are blended and roasted with care to deliver the consistent taste of Tim Hortons every time.

Can you reuse T-discs?

Yes, you can. Just do a search on However, it’s a ridiculously fussy and messy business refilling T-Discs. If you’re going to do that, you lose all the convenience of the system and might as well go back to using a drip brewer.

Is Tim Hortons declining?

The chain’s annual same-store sales declined by 15.7 per cent globally and by even more in Canada, by 16.7 per cent. Tim Hortons started 2020 in a difficult spot, even before the pandemic set in.

Does Tim Hortons sell pods?

IT’S ALWAYS TIME FOR TIM HORTONS And with Tim Hortons® recyclable K-Cup® pods, it’s always fresh and always within reach.

How many cups of coffee does Tim Hortons use?

Tim Hortons Original has not changed in over fifty years, and is such a secret that only three people (and we’re not telling who) know the recipe. To ensure that our coffee tastes the same from one cup to the next, our coffee team tastes more than five hundred cups per day. If blending is the art of coffee, then roasting is the science.

What kind of tea is at Tim Hortons?

A special blend of Orange Pekoe and cut black tea with the same classic flavour and premium quality as our delicious Tim Hortons Steeped Tea. With the same great tasting flavour you love, our Decaf – naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process – may be the only decaf you never get tired of.

Where do they roast beans at Tim Hortons?

We roast our own beans at Tim Hortons Roastery locations in Ancaster, Ontario and Rochester, New York. Rotating drums are carefully calibrated to roast each blend for different lengths of time, and at different temperatures to get the flavour just right.