Does Louie Spence have a wife?

Does Louie Spence have a wife?

Leto Fernandezm. 2007
Louie Spence/Spouse

Is Louie Spence still with his partner?

Life now. Louie married partner Leto Fernandez in 2009 and the pair are believed to still be going strong. They were introduced in 2001 by Jason Gardiner – who is Louie’s good friend – and Leto popped the question seven years later with a poem he’d written.

When did Louie Spence get married?

2007 (Leto Fernandez)
Louie Spence/Wedding dates

Is Louie Spence still at Pineapple?

Louie Spence (born 6 April 1969) is an English dancer, choreographer and television personality, best known for the TV show Pineapple Dance Studios….

Louie Spence
Education Italia Conti Performing Arts School
Occupation Dancer, Choreographer, Television presenter
Years active 1985–present
Employer Pineapple Dance Studios

How long has Louie Spence been married to his husband?

The openly-gay reality tv star is married to his husband since 2007. Let’s take a deep look at his personal life. Louie Spence first came to prominence after he appeared in the show Pineapple Dance Studio. Not many people were aware of his sexuality when he first entered the show.

Who is Louie Spence from dancing on Ice?

Professional Dancer, Louie Spence rose to fame after he appeared in the dance show, Sky 1’s dance show, Pineapple Dance Studios. The TV personality has also appeared in reality TV series like Dancing on Ice, Celebrity Big Brother, and The Jump.

How old is Louie Spence from Pineapple Dance Studios?

Dance star Louie Spence shot to fame on Sky One’s Pineapple Dance Studios last year. But before that, the 41-year-old had been mixing with the stars for years. A dancer for some big names, including Take That, Kylie and the Spice Girls, he was well ready for the limelight when it came – although he insists it hasn’t changed him.

How old is Louie Spence from the Simpsons?

Who is Louie Spence? Louie Spence, the multi-talented and flexible is not involved with the profession. He’s an television character who has made a contribution in the media. He is a British dancer which makes him the choreographer. He had been born April 6, 1969, making his present age 47 in the present time.