Does Dong Yi become queen?

Does Dong Yi become queen?

The king offers for Dong-yi to become queen and Prince Geum to become the crown prince. However, Queen Inwon adopts Prince Geum, giving him royal protection and ensuring that he will follow Prince Yun to the throne after his death. Dong-yi decides to leave the palace so that she can help the poor commoners.

Who are the concubines of King Sukjong?

Such depictions have made some concubines very familiar to the public such as Jang Noksu (?-1506) of Yeonsangun (1476-1506), Jang Hee-bin (1659-1701) of King Sukjong (1661-1720) and Gyeongbin Bak (?-1533) of King Jungjong (1488-1544).

Where did Dong Yi tell her story to the king?

Dong Yi, in Pyeongan Province, tells her story to Shim Woon-taek. They work together to find out what Jang Hee-jae has been up to. Oh-yoon is heartbroken to learn the King has feelings for Dong Yi and is looking for her.

Who are the princes in Dong Yi and King Sukjong?

And the two contenders are the princes: Dong Yi and King Sukjong’s son, Geum (Prince Youn Ing) and the king’s son with Jang Ok Jung (JOJ) ( the current Crown Prince) . JOJ knows that her relationship with the King is over and she must live with the humiliation of the demotion from Queen back to Bin, a concubine.

Why was Dong Yi fired from the Bureau?

Dong Yi is nearly fired after missing the Bureau’s annual ceremony. The Queen Mother and the Seoin party are unhappy that Ok-jung is chosen to be the King’s royal concubine. Dong Yi discovers Cheon-soo is a member of her father’s secret society. Error: please try again. Cheon-soo and Dong Yi are reunited.

Who was the special court lady in Dong Yi?

A special court lady (sang-gung) was a concubine of the king without an official concubine rank. This was the same level as JOJ was when she first entered the palace. So Dong Yi is not just a servant anymore and everyone will have to treat her with respect. And she can’t simply be killed off so easily, either!