Did Bruce Crandall pull a gun on someone?

Did Bruce Crandall pull a gun on someone?

Bruce Crandall pulling a gun on another officer who questioned his judgment. It wasn’t Hollywood fiction: Crandall, a Washington native and resident, did indeed point a gun at a fellow soldier, but in this case, reality was racier than the screen take.

Is Major Bruce Crandall still alive?

Crandall and his wife now have several grandchildren and live back in their home state of Washington. To this day, the 87-year-old is still receiving praise for his distinguished Army career.

Why is it so significant that Bruce P Crandall chose to leave his Medal of Honor at the wall?

Crandall chose to leave his Medal of Honor at The Wall. “It was in remembrance of men who died in Ia Drang in November 1965,” Donlin says. “This is only the second Medal of Honor left at The Wall, and it was the first left in remembrance of men who fought in the war.”

How many American soldiers died in the Battle of Ia Drang?

1st Cavalry Division – Ia Drang Valley, Republic of (South) Vietnam, November 16, 1965. At the battles at LZ X-Ray and LZ Albany, 234 men were killed and more than 250 were wounded in a period of four days. In the 43-day Ia Drang campaign, 545 Americans were killed. Enemy deaths have been estimated at 3,561.

Who is Lt Col Bruce p.crandall?

Biography: Retired Lt. Col. Crandall is a veteran Master Army Aviator in both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. He led over 900 combat missions during two tours in Vietnam.

What kind of helicopter did Bruce Crandall use?

Major Bruce P. Crandall’s UH-1D helicopter climbs skyward after discharging a load of infantrymen on a search and destroy mission. The UH-01B version had a more powerful engine and was able to carry more men. Next, the UH-01C had bigger fuel tanks and a new rotor system.

What did Bruce Crandall do in the Vietnam War?

Crandall was assigned to A Co., 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion. On November 14, 1965, he led the first major division operation of the Vietnam War, landing elements of the 1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion of the 7th Cavalry Regiment and the 5th Cavalry Regiment into Landing Zone X-Ray in Vietnam’s Battle of Ia Drang.

When did Bruce Crandall get the Medal of Honor?

Lt. Col. Bruce P. Crandall will receive the Medal of Honor during a White House ceremony February 26, 2007 for his heroic actions in the Battle of Ia Drang. Children: R. Donovan; Steven; Michael Education: BA University of Nebraska, 1969; MPA Golden Gate University, 1977 Commissioned: Engineer Officer Candidate School, Ft. Belvoir, VA, 1954