Can you use POSCA pens on surfboards?

Can you use POSCA pens on surfboards?

Yes! The acrylic clear coat you’ve applied not only seals the paint but also protects it from waxing, sun and water damage. Wax away and go surf!

Do paint pens work on surfboards?

Surfpaints are designed specifically for Surfboards, however, because of the nature of the smooth, consistent, water based acrylic paint, they work on just about anything! This includes surfaces such as wood, rocks, canvas, plastic, textiles, ceramic and more. Don’t let your age hold you back!

Can you paint with POSCA pens?

A Posca pen allows you to control the application of rich, opaque water-based paint, in fine or broad lines, making it perfect for painting and drawing! The markers are real paint that dries permanent and they are very versatile.

What pens to use on surfboards?

Posca Paint Pens These paint pens are, in our opinion, the best to use on our boards and are used by prolific surfboard and handplane artists like Drew Brophyand our own Scott Metzner and Bob Langston.

Can Posca pens be used on foam?

Posca Paint Pens PC-5M 6-Pen Set. Made in Japan. Water based. Typically applied to top of sand finish but can be used directly on foam.

What paint should you use on a surfboard?

acrylic paints
Water-based acrylic paints are ideal for surfboards. This is because the acrylic binds to the fiberglass of your board without damaging it. Acrylics will keep their shine for a long time, and are very water-resistant. Do not use enamel-based paints on a surfboard.

Can you paint epoxy surfboards?

Epoxy surfboards have glassing features similar to standard polyurethane boards and can be painted in the same manner. Use the wax scraper and cleaner to completely remove any wax and oils left on the board’s glass. Shake the paint pen or spray paint vigorously to mix up the paint.

Are Posca pens permanent on leather?

Answer: Yes, POSCA paint markers work quite well on leather, but requires some prep and post-treatment. To prepare skins such as natural or artificial leather, wipe with a damp sponge and leave to dry.

What can I paint with Posca pens?

Posca Pens are a fun water-based marker. The pigments in the Posca Pens can be applied to virtually any material, without using a fixative, including Wood, textiles, cardboard, metals, some plastics, and pebbles.

How do you get paint pen off a surfboard?

I’ve used firewater wax remover to strip paint pen art. Some of the other wax removers do not strip paint pen, but I know that firewater does. Apply liberally and rub with paper towels and it will eventually come off without having to sand your board.

Are POSCA pens good for fabric?

Posca can write on any type of fabric and is resistant to washing once it has been ironed.