Can you cheat in KKH?

Can you cheat in KKH?

Here’s what Kardashian game-player Sara had to say: You can cheat but after you go on a date with someone he’ll call you and ask for a divorce. You cheat, you get the call, and then you have to decide whether or not to use your hard-earned K stars to keep your spouse.

Who is Willow Pape based on?

There is a theory going around that Willow Pape is at least partially based on Paris Hilton, Kim K’s former BFF. One clue, other than her blond hair, is that she wears an outfit just like one Paris Hilton was photographed in a while back.

Can you date Cassio in KKH?

You cannot date Cassio unfortunately. He’ll flirt with you in the game but it won’t give you an option to date him or Raul.

Can I date Raul in KKH?

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Twitter: “If you flirted with Raul when you first met him, then you can date him eventually… “

How does Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats game work?

The game is based as a series of levels that include photo shoots, promotional events, and various VIP activities. You can boost your Star Power and reach up to the A-list. This can be achieved in several ways. We are offering unique Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Hack/Cheats way to generate unlimited Stars and Money for Free.

What does Kim Kardashian wear in the game?

Kim Kardashian dug through her and her sisters’ closets to pick out some cute outfits for the game that they’ve worn in real life. She chose clothing that they’ve worn on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and to all kinds of star-studded events and red carpets.

What’s the best way to play the Kim Kardashian game?

These include dating, buying houses, clothes, and furniture, working the press, and even hanging out with Kim Kardashian herself. Each of these activities boosts your star power and bumps you up to the A-list. If you are addicted to the Kim Kardashian game, then you’ve come to the perfect place.

What happens when you buy clothes in Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

As you may already know, in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, items of clothing have a heart or star next to them before purchasing. After you buy the item, the hearts and stars disappear. I created this clothing guide to help take the mystery out of the wardrobe.