Can a rim lock hole be drilled on a sunrim?

Can a rim lock hole be drilled on a sunrim?

SUN RIMS ARE NON-DIMPLED. WE CUSTOM DRILL YOUR RIM TO ORDER. Sun Rims are NOT pre-drilled. Please state Make, Model and Year, Front or Rear, Disc or Drum when you submit your order. Rim lock holes can be drilled, but only upon request at the time of your order. All Sun Rims are available anodized in Black and Gold for an additional fee.

What kind of eyelets do Sun rims use?

The M13L rim uses two-piece double wall eyelets to equalize the spoke nipple stress and help prevent spoke nipple pull through failure. The upper eyelet piece is stamped from brass clad or plated, sheet steel in a cup shape, while the lower eyelet piece is stamped from a nickel alloy and takes the form of a hollow rivet.

How big are the rims on a sunrim?

We also shrink them in a circumpress, eliminating any elongation created during rolling, resulting in a rim more durable to impact. Before turning, Sun Rims are within .020” of round (we have seen new rims as much as .250” out of round). Our final process for making the roundest rims in the industry is CNC machine finishing all surfaces.

What kind of alloy is a sun rim made of?

The Sun CR20 is a slightly wider rim that we sell only in the 26″ diameter for mountain riders. It uses double wall construction, in the V-Box shape, with flat sloping sidewalls that become wider as they rise to the tire bead hook. The rim is made from 6061 series aluminum alloy with a T6 temper.

How much does it cost to drill a sun rim?

BE SURE TO ADD ANODIZING BELOW FOR BLACK OR GOLD. Prices shown are for 40 holes or less. For additional pricing on drilling over 40 holes, see below. Sun Rims are also available polished or color anodized for an additional fee. These prices are for clear anodized Silver only.

What kind of finish does a sun rim have?

Sun Rims come standard with a brushed machined finish and a clear anodize coating. Please be aware that after the rim is polished, there is no longer an anodize coating. the bead of the rim to keep the tire from sliding.