Are there any funny memes about selfies?

Are there any funny memes about selfies?

Memes about selfies. Humor! Funny memes that are so true!!!! The “Shower’s Too Hot” Pose: Funny memes that are so true!!!! The “Shower’s Too Hot” Pose: “One of my life goals is for my twin sister and I to date twins.” Real confessions from twins via Whisper, the anonymous sharing app. Take a selfie. Problem solved. LOL

Where did the tornado selfie meme come from?

Tornado Selfie refers to a frame from a viral video of a man looking into a camera as a tornado in the Australian outback approaches him. Part of a marketing campaign for the 2014 Australian film Into the Storm, the video went viral, with many believing it to be real and inspired a series of image edits and image macro memes featuring the selfie.

Who is the guy in the train selfie hoax?

Train Selfie Hoax refers to a viral video showing an Indian man identified as “T. Siva” pointing a camera at himself while standing on a railroad in front of a train prior to dropping the phone as the train appears to hit him.

Who are the most handsome men in Pakistan?

But their presence is no less apparent in the field of sports, music and others. Apart from looking like descendants of Adonis, they are successful and skilful. If beauty exists, we must appreciate it no? So, here is a list of the most handsome lot of Pakistani men : 1. Danish Taimoor The model-turned actor gained popularity with Meri Behen Maya.

What is a selfie stick and what does it mean?

“Selfie Stick” is a term for small camera arm that is used to support a mobile device or camera to take a “selfie” photograph from an extended distance.

When did the Zuckerberg selfie stick come out?

On November 25th, 2013, the Australian electronics retailer Kogan [1] began selling a “Zuckerberg Selfie Stick” device, which contains a camera mount and mirror at the end of a long stick to take selfie photographs.

Is it possible to be a model and take a selfie?

But hey, Team MissMalini can’t really complain about this selfie business (the proof is here and here ), but we can figure a way to give some hilarious responses to the all this selfie-taking, as told my memes! Mind is blown. So, you’re a model … it seems. Pshhtt…