Are Sector 9 wheels good?

Are Sector 9 wheels good?

The highest quality downhill wheel for longboards is the Sector 9 Race Formula wheels. These wheels are not out of reach for beginner to intermediate riders. With a diameter of 70mm and a hardness of 78A, these wheels provide the perfect mix between speed and stability at an excellent price.

Are Butterball wheels good?

The buttery urethane of the Sector 9 Butterballs wheels are 80a durometer and offers a perfect amount of slip versus grip. They grip up when you want them too, otherwise when sliding they are insanely smooth and insanely predictable. The Sector 9 Butterballs are an epic wheel for an amazing price.

Which Orangatang wheels are best for sliding?

The Orangatang Skiffs are a skateboard-longboard hybrid wheel. However, they come in a much softer durometer than typical skate wheels, and this makes them ideal for sliding. They are a bit small in size at 62mm.

What are the best skateboard wheels for cruising?

Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising – Quick List

  1. Shark Wheel California Roll (60mm 78a)
  2. Sector 9 Nine Ball 70Mm 78A (4)
  3. Fireball Scorch Longboard Skateboard Wheels.
  4. Freedare 58mm Skate Wheels.
  5. Wonnv Skate Wheels.

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