Are Old Man Emu shocks good?

Are Old Man Emu shocks good?

They were good on and off road. Smooth, never leaked, never broke. I wouldn’t say they were better than the Fox I’m running now, but they were better than the Bilsteins and ranches I’ve ever owned.

Are Ironman suspension any good?

Yes it can. However, nobody wants a rigid and stiff suspension. Ironman springs will firm the ride and support the load, but when used in conjunction with Ironman Shock Absorbers, the ride will also become noticeably smoother.

How long do Old Man Emu shocks last?

OME will last you for more then 100k if you will wheel nice. If you start jumping on rocks or sand dunes, then may be your shocks will be off earlier.

Is tough dog suspension any good?

Elsabe Du Toit recommends Tough Dog Suspension. Fitted 45 mm big bore 9 setting adjustable shocks to my Cruiser. EXCELLENT ride comfort! I have an 80 Series landcruiser that is fitted with Tough Dog gear notably the Foam Cell Shocks the ride height and handling are still A1 after well over 200000km on this kit.

Which is better Ironman or ome suspension kits?

Most have been down the IM, OME, Tough Dog route and are now converts. Issues like weeping seals, poor finish, poor after sales service, inability to do the job etc. Put paid to the other brands. Bilstein are good for shocks – you can rebuild them but they’re expensive. Same with Koni Raid.

Is the Ome the same as the Ironman?

In fact OME shocks use the same body for the shocks as Monroe but with their own specific valve coding which is different spec to Monroes. Ive run Ironman, OME and EFS on my 70 and personally I feel OME and EFS are about the same. Ironman is cheap and nasty and I will never fit that to any of my vehicles again.

Is the Ironman EMU good for overland travel?

However, Julian @ Overland Cruisers is very critical of Ironman gear, viewing it very much as budget replacement equipment and not up to the job of overland travel.

Where are the Old Man Emu parts made?

Being the largest Old Man Emu dealer in the UK we are very surprised and saddened to hear incorrect reports claiming that OME parts are being made in China rather than Australia. Also, we’ve not noticed any change in quality in the last 15 years, in fact we’d go as far as to say the quality has improved, more so in the last few years.