Why do people go to the Alps in summer?

Why do people go to the Alps in summer?

Temperatures on the lower slopes can often soar to the mid-twenties when the sun’s out, and the mountains help provide a natural barrier against clouds and rainfall – so that’s the warmth of a glorious climate to go with the captivating views.

Where do the Alps go in summer?


  • CHAMONIX, FRANCE. Outdoor adventures in the stunning French Alps.
  • GRINDELWALD, SWITZERLAND. Picture perfect alpine villages on precipitous ledges.
  • MATTERHORN, SWITZERLAND. Challenging, adventurous trails to iconic Swiss mountain vistas.

How cold is the Alps in summer?

It can be quite hot in the summer in the Southern French Alps (up to 35 degrees centigrade), though on average you can expect high twenties to early thirties. But mostly, you also have the benefit of altitude and fresh mountain air so it doesn’t feel at all claustrophobic.

Does it snow in the Alps in summer?

Austria has had some snow and there’s been a dusting elsewhere. Summer snow is not unusual and has helped refresh the glaciers open for skiing. The ski resort Passo Stelvio reports 40cm of fresh snow at altitude. …

Are there summer chalet holidays in the Alps?

Escape to the mountains for alpine walking holidays. Summer chalet rentals in the Alps provide an opportunity to be at one with nature. The Alps in the Summer months are arguably one of the most beautiful luxury holiday destinations in the World ONE OF OUR TEAM WILL BE IN TOUCH WITH YOU SHORTLY.

Is it worth going to the Alps in summer?

The Alps in summer offers superb value for money, especially when compared to other favourite holiday destinations in France. We’ve listed some of our favourites, with price examples below. If you’re ready to book your summer alpine holiday, call our Alpine specialists on 023 9283 9310.

Are there winter ski holidays in the Alps?

Winter ski holidays in the Alps can be extortionate but come summer prices tumble and there are bargains to be had on both activities and a huge choice of accommodation Blanc looks … hiking the trails above Chamonix, with views of Mont Blanc. Photograph: Aurora Photos/Alamy

Where to go for a day in the Alps?

The 147-mile route includes a day cycling between the Karawanke mountains and the Julian Alps to the resort of Kranjska Gora, and takes in stunning Vintgar gorge and the Bohinj valley, with stops for lunch or lake swimming.