Who is Lucas Watson?

Who is Lucas Watson?

Lucas E. Watson Watson is currently Chief Marketing Officer and Rideshare General Manager at GM Cruise LLC, an autonomous vehicle technology company owned by General Motors company.

How tall is IShowSpeed?

Darren Watkins aka IShowSpeed stands to be at a height of 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 11 inches or 172 cm to 180 cm tall and weighs around 65 kg or 143 pounds. His body stats are not available at the moment. Likewise, his hair color and eye color are both black.

How old is g18 from the crew?


Age 26 (born January 18, 1995)
YouTube Channel(s) G18SprayAndPray [1]
Debute Episode Shadow Fights an Enderman – CrewCraft Episode 1 (JW Season 1)
Uploaded Series Modded CrewCraft Hardcore Crew Survival Season 3 Crew Pixelmon

What is Roy’s superhero name?

As an adult, Roy casts off his Speedy identity to establish himself as the superhero Arsenal, and later takes on the name Red Arrow to symbolise his coming-of-age and having become an equal of Green Arrow as he joins Justice League.

How old is DDG?

24 years (October 10, 1997)

Who is kyr Speedy in Call of Duty?

Kyr sp33dy is a very interesting American gamer and a YouTuber who originates from Pennsylvania in United States. He is known for his gameplay videos where he mostly plays Call of Duty and GTA, and he is known also for his CS:GO videos. He currently has two channels, and his main one is called “speedyw03”.

What kind of friends does kyr Speedy have?

Speedy and his internet friends are pretty famous and call themselves „The Crew“. There are 8 friends in The Crew. They all met each other playing CS:GO, Minecraft, GTA and Call of Duty.

When did kyr speedy start his YouTube channel?

Speedy got himself into YouTube in 2006. He shows himself on some special occasions like his 1 million subscribers special and his Basketball „Dunking Video“ after he got 2 million subscribers. He has also shown himself in his vlogs and on his friends’ channels. Even though he opened his channel in 2006, he posted his first video in 2010.

Where did kyr Speedy go to high school?

Speedy was born on June 13, 1992 in United States under a very long birth name: Lucas Speed Eichhorn Watson. He attended Boiling Springs High School and was quite good at school, although he hasn’t showed any special interest in any of the school subjects.