Which Wood Floor Finish Is Better?

Which Wood Floor Finish Is Better?

Wood installation is the final stage and you have to design a great plan for groundwork to choose the best wood floor finish. It must match what you need. Certainly, the cost-effectiveness must be prioritized. Complete research to do flooring with an excellent finish. Maybe, you need hardwood floors for durability. Or laminate flooring is a must for wonderful room decoration maintaining the natural glossiness. Gulvkanonen is a reputed licensed wood flooring service provider. For fast wood floor décor, seek the effective guide from a group of experts of this company.

Types of Wood Floor Finishes

Water-based urethane, oil and acrylic urethane solutions are few examples of classic flooring finishes. You should select the specific flooring finish in the long run. See, in the ’60s, the usual trend was to modify the floors which must have a good shellac finish. Floor varnishing method was popular. However, right now, floor designers like to apply more innovative flooring finishes for the sake of the optimization of the room decoration.

Oil Based Urethane Finish

Petroleum components and synthetic resins are combined to make the mixture for the floor painting. The efficiency of moisture resistance increases. Oil mixed urethane chemical solution works well in the case of the removal of the lacklustre of the wood floor. The benefit of using the oil-based urethane substance for flooring is the faster drying process. Floors get back glamour within 7-8 hours of the coatings of this qualitative urethane material. Simultaneously, moisture management urethane flooring solution is preferred by many homeowners to keep the surface of the floors transparent. The satin or gloss flooring finish is the perfect thing to inspire the homeowner to design the wood floor.

Water Based Urethane

Water-based urethane for flooring increases the sheen. The odour is not severe to a person after he applies this unique flooring solution. However, comparing to the oil-based, this water-dependent urethane flooring solution is costly.

Swedish Finish

Swedish finish has little acid. Therefore, floor durability is not reduced. In addition, this component has the natural alcohol extract. The two components are mixed for doing the great flooring finish. It is good floor sealant for preventing mite, heat, water and dirt. The Swedish finish for floor decoration is selected because of easy floor painting.  Amber luminescent glow of the floor stays long after the floor renewing.  Swedish finish is more practical to a serious gentleman who wants the best floor finishing.  The floors don’t need expensive maintenance.  With a tiny piece of cloth, mop the smooth floor for extracting the original glow.  However,  flooring critics criticize the bad stinking odour which spreads fast after the floor finishing. The best alternatives to Swedish finish are Glitsa Max and  Bona Traffic.

Penetrating Sealers

For the improvement of the floor hardness and colour dryness, apply the penetrating sealers to restore the floor from unusual discolouration. The wood floors are protected. The smoothness of the hardwood floors must be retained. Usually, biodegradable linseed oil or tung material is utilized to produce the penetrating sealers.


Lacquer and paste wax are also listed in the floor finishing packages. However, generally, people avoid lacquer as its compatibility with different types of wood floors is comparatively low. Therefore, top floor refinishing service providers don’t recommend the lacquer finish.

Humidity, moisture and dirt are always major issues when a guy thinks of renewing his wood floor. He can’t overlook the activities of dirt, mite, mold, and humidity.  The best floor finish should remove the risks to protect the wood floor texture from severe moisture. Otherwise, oil and water based urethane floor polishing must be decent for you.