Where is Thwaites brewery moving to?

Where is Thwaites brewery moving to?

In 2017, Thwaites was granted planning permission to build a new brewery, stables and head office in Mellor, around 5 miles from its current location in Blackburn.

What is the biggest brewery in the UK?

Scottish & Newcastle
Meanwhile, the largest brewery in the UK today, Scottish & Newcastle, which has three main breweries at (Manchester, Reading and Tadcaster), brews the UK’s second-highest selling beer, the lager Foster’s.

What is the oldest brewery in England?

Shepherd Neame
The Faversham Brewery is home to Shepherd Neame, Britain’s Oldest Brewer. Nestled in the medieval market town of Faversham in Kent, brewing has continued on this site for centuries.

Who owns Heineken brewery?

Heineken Holding
Heineken N.V./Parent organizations

Where can I buy beer from Thwaites Brewery?

With a brewing heritage that stretches back over 200 years, our brewers continue to create beautifully balanced, delicious beers in our craft brewery. They are sold exclusively in our pubs, hotels, inns and lodges. Our beautiful Shire Horses are an important part of the Thwaites heritage.

Where is the head office of Daniel Thwaites?

Contact Details. Telephone: 01254 686868. Postal Address: Daniel Thwaites Head Office Myerscough Road, Mellor Brook, Lancashire, BB2 7LB. Created with Snap Created with Snap Created with Snap Created with Snap. Enquiry Form.

When did Thwaites Brewery open in Blackburn town centre?

Thwaites unveiled a new craft brewery in December 2011 named “Crafty Dan”. Thwaites brewery in Blackburn town centre. Local brewer and pub retailer Daniel Thwaites has been based in Lancashire since 1807.

How many children did the Thwaites Brewery have?

The Brewery became the sole property of ‘Thwaites’ in 1824, when William Clayton sold his remaining share of the company to Daniel. Daniel and Betty Thwaites went on to have twelve children, four sons and eight daughters. Daniel Thwaites Jnr was born in 1817, the sixth of their twelve children.