Where is the Michigan Theatre?

Where is the Michigan Theatre?

Ann Arbor
The Michigan Theater is a movie palace in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States….Michigan Theater (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Address 603 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, Michigan
Coordinates 42°16′46″N 83°44′31″WCoordinates: 42°16′46″N 83°44′31″W
Operator Michigan Theater Foundation
Capacity 1610 (auditorium) 200 (Screening Room)

Where was the Michigan Palace located?

Michigan Building

Exterior photo taken in 1926
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Address 220 Bagley Avenue Detroit, Michigan United States
Coordinates 42.3347°N 83.0534°WCoordinates:42.3347°N 83.0534°W

Where was the Mercury Theater in Detroit?

16860 Schaefer Highway, Detroit, MI 48235 When the Mercury Theatre opened June 11, 1941 with Barbara Stanwyck in “The Lady Eve” & Wallace Beery in “The Bad Man”.

Where are the plays in Detroit?

Plays & Broadway in Detroit

  • Matrix Theatre.
  • The Detroit Public Theatre.
  • Hilberry Theatre.
  • PuppetART.
  • Hamtramck.
  • The Michigan Theatre.
  • Marquis Theatre & Genitti’s Hole-in-the-Wall.
  • Open Book Theatre Company.

Where is the Fox Theater in Detroit Michigan?

The Fox Theatre is a performing arts center located at 2211 Woodward Avenue in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, near the Grand Circus Park Historic District .

What is the average rent in Detroit Michigan?

Detroit Michigan Residential Rent and Rental Statistics. The median monthly gross residential rent in Detroit, MI (the Detroit-Warren- Livonia metro area) was $898 in 2017 according to the Census ACS survey. Average gross rent in Detroit was $921 in 2017.

Where is the Detroit Opera Theater?

The Detroit Opera House is an ornate opera house located at 1526 Broadway Street in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, within the Grand Circus Park Historic District . The 2,700-seat venue is the home of productions of the Michigan Opera Theatre and a variety of other events.