Where can you find gold in the North Island of New Zealand?

Where can you find gold in the North Island of New Zealand?

On the West Coast and at Golden Bay, gold is found in older Paleozoic greywacke and argillite rocks in faulted areas called shear zones. On the Coromandel Peninsula gold and silver are found in quartz veins within volcanic rocks.

Where can I find gold in creeks NZ?

Designated public areas where you can fossick for gold

Gold fossicking area Permit number Location
Aorere River A (GFA 13) 42013 Nelson/Tasman – Kahurangi National Park
Lower Louis Creek 55529 Nelson/Tasman – Glenhope Scenic Reserve
Jones Creek (GFA 4) 42004 West Coast – Ross area
Jones Creek (GFA 5) 42005 West Coast – Ross area

Where is gold found in NZ?

The principal New Zealand goldfields were Coromandel, Nelson/Marlborough, Central Otago and West Coast. The two main types of gold mine were: ‘hard rock’ quartz mines, and. alluvial mining which included panning and cradling, sluicing and dredging.

Can you pan for gold in the North Island NZ?

There are no fossicking areas in the North Island. If you want to fossick or pan for gold elsewhere, you will need a gold mining permit.

Where are the gold mines in New Zealand?

Newmont Waihi Gold runs the huge hole in the ground which is the open-pit Martha Mine in Waihi and the underground mines Favona and Trio. Instead of winding down mining in Waihi over the next few years, the company hopes to embark on another huge mine project which would involve tunnelling 350m under the eastern part of the town itself.

Do you need a permit to mine gold in New Zealand?

Gold mining normally requires a permit from NZP&M, however 19 areas in historic South Island gold mining regions have been set aside – in Nelson-Marlborough, the West Coast and South and Central Otago – where you can freely enjoy recreational gold mining without the need for a permit.

Where are the gold fossicking areas in New Zealand?

Alluvial gold is present within all these gold fossicking areas, although the concentrations are often low. All these areas are suitable for gold panning and sluice boxing, mining being restricted to hand-held non-motorised methods within the active stream bed. Aorere River – area A 15 km southwest of Collingwood.

Why are mine plans important in New Zealand?

WorkSafe New Zealand and New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals (part of MBIE) have jointly established NZ Mine Plans – a searchable database designed to make plans for recent and historic New Zealand mines more accessible to the public. Aids regulatory oversight of mining activities in New Zealand to ensure the Health and Safety of our mining industry