When did the Yamaha TZR125 come out?

When did the Yamaha TZR125 come out?

The Yamaha TZR125 is a two-stroke 125 cc (7.6 cu in) sports motorcycle made for the European and South East Asian markets which uses the YPVS. The TZR125 was produced from 1987 and spanned two generations until the late 1990s each with a number of variants and sub variants.

Who is the winner of the Yamaha TZ classic?

After the initial flurry following the bikes launch, Saarinen’s title in 72 and the one further privateer title in 73, when Dieter Braun took the overall victory, albeit with most points scored on his air-cooled TD3, the 250, TZ or OW never again clinched the crown.

Is the Yamaha TZR 2mA known in the UK?

The 2MA variant was known in the UK, while in Japan the bike was familiar under the name 1KT. There were variations of these models, the changes concerning the lighting arrangements and the indicators.

What kind of engine does a Yamaha TZR have?

Small as it may be, this bike brings so much more than meets the eye to the street level: a powerful 2-stroke liquid-cooled engine, a no-nonsense manual 6-speed gearbox, 17″ golden alloy wheels, supersport-styled forks and rear suspension and incredibl…

Is the 4DL the same as the TZR250?

The 4DL (Series 1) shares the same frame as some versions of the Yamaha TZR250 and was also used for the Yamaha Yamaha SZR660 Belgarda which uses a XT660 engine. with different engine mountings beautifully welded at the factory.

How big is a Yamaha TZR 125R Belgarda?

Like the racers from which it draws inspiration, the TZR is skinny, short and small. At standstill, your feet are flat, your knees bent. On the move you have to coil yourself up, wrap yourself around the narrow tank and keep elbows and head tucked in. (Knees, of course, stay out). Starting, despite the electric boot, can be a pain.

How much does a Yamaha TZR bike cost?

The TZR is a loud bike – probably another reason why it’s selling well. But if that’s what the boys and girls want, Yamaha are going to give it to them at the reasonable cost of £1759.