When did Jeffrey Katzenberg leave DreamWorks?

When did Jeffrey Katzenberg leave DreamWorks?

September 1994
When Eisner’s second in command, Frank Wells, died in a helicopter crash in 1994, Eisner refused to promote Katzenberg to the vacated position as president. This led to a falling out between the two executives, and Katzenberg left the company in September 1994.

Who is the CEO of DreamWorks?

Jeffrey Small (2016–)
Michael Wright (Jan 3, 2015–)
DreamWorks Pictures/CEO

Is Disney affiliated with DreamWorks?

The following year, DreamWorks entered into a distribution agreement with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, wherein Disney would distribute DreamWorks films through Touchstone Pictures; the deal continued until 2016….DreamWorks Pictures.

Trade name DreamWorks Pictures
Products Theatrical films

Is Jeffrey Katzenberg married?

Marilyn Katzenbergm. 1975
Jeffrey Katzenberg/Spouse

When did Jeffrey Katzenberg sell DreamWorks to Disney?

The live-action DreamWorks movie studio was sold to Viacom in December 2005. In 2008, the live-action DreamWorks studio again became an independent production company, releasing its films through Disney. In 2006, Katzenberg made an appearance on the fifth season of The Apprentice.

Who is the owner of DreamWorks Animation?

Jeffrey Katzenberg (born December 21, 1950) is an American businessman, film studio executive and film producer.

When did DreamWorks Animation separate from Amblin Partners?

For the separate animation studio that was spun off in 2004, see DreamWorks Animation. DreamWorks Pictures (also known as DreamWorks SKG or DreamWorks Studios, commonly referred to as DreamWorks) is an American film production company, and a label of Amblin Partners.

What did Jeffrey Katzenberg do for a living?

Katzenberg was responsible for reviving the studio which, at the time, ranked last at the box office among the major studios.