When did Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat come on TV?

When did Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat come on TV?

Chakravartin Ashoka samrat (English: The Great Emperor Ashoka) is a 2015 Indian historical drama serial, that aired on Colors TV from 2015 to 2016.

Who is the character of Ashoka in Chakravartin?

The show is based on the life of the great Indian ruler Ashoka, who was the third ruler of the Mauryan dynasty and successor of the great King Bindusara. The show follows the life of Ashoka since his childhood days where the character of a young Ashoka is played by Siddharth Nigam.

Who are the main characters in Chakravartin Samrat?

Mohit Raina as Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka Maurya -Third Mauryan Emperor; Bindusara and Head Queen Dharma’s first son; Vitashoka ‘s brother; Devi and Karuvaki ‘s husband; Mahinda and Sanghamitta ‘s father. Siddharth Nigam as Young Prince Ashoka Maurya aka Vanaraj.

Who is Rajkumar Justin in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat?

Sumit Kaul as Rajkumar Justin-Chandragupta and Helena’s son; Noor’s secret husband and Siayamak’s father. He is killed in Raajdroha. Ankita Sharma as Rajkumari Noor/Noor Khorasan-Justin’s secret wife and Siayamak’s mother. (officially recognised as Bindusara’s 3rd wife-Rani Noor).She is killed by Ashoka.

Who are the characters in the story Ashoka?

The story starts with young Ashoka (Siddharth Nigam) who is getting guidance from Chanakya (Manoj Joshi) . Bindusara is ruling the vast Mauryan Emprire while a game of occupying the empire is being played by Queen mother (Rajmata) Helena and the Queens of Bindusara- Charumitra and Noor Khorasan.

Who is Prince Vitashoka in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat?

Dev Singhal as Prince Vitashoka aka Vit Maurya -Ashoka’s younger brother; Samrat Bindusara and Dharma’s second son. Prinal Oberoi as Empress Charumitra Maurya – Bindusara ‘s first wife; Susima ’s mother. Preet Kaur Madhan as Queen Subrasi Maurya – Bindusara’s fourth wife and Dhrupad’s mother.

Who are the empresses of Bindusara in Ashoka Samrat?

Mean-while; Bindusara is ruling the vast Mauryan Empire. The show later-on focuses on the life of young Ashoka; who gets guidance from Chanakya in tough circumstances.While on the other hand; a game of conquering the entire empire is being played by Helena and the Empresses of Bindusara- Charumitra and Noor.