What would happen if the supervolcano in Yellowstone erupted?

What would happen if the supervolcano in Yellowstone erupted?

If the supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park ever had another massive eruption, it could spew ash for thousands of miles across the United States, damaging buildings, smothering crops, and shutting down power plants. In fact, it’s even possible that Yellowstone might never have an eruption that large again.

Can snow stop lava?

The research found that lava didn’t always just melt through the ice, and flow under the surface. Results show that if ice or snow is covered by volcanic ash at the start of an eruption, this will significantly slow the rate of melting if lava flows later move over the ash-covered ice.

What are Volcanoes National Geographic Kids?

Put simply, a volcano is an opening in the Earth’s surface. Usually found in a mountain, the opening allows gas, hot magma and ash to escape from beneath the Earth’s crust.

What was the worst volcanic eruption in history?

The Deadliest Volcanic Eruption in History. In 1815, Mount Tambora erupted on Sumbawa , an island of modern-day Indonesia. Historians regard it as the volcano eruption with the deadliest known direct impact: roughly 100,000 people died in the immediate aftermath.

What is the most famous volcanic eruption?

Located near Naples in Italy, Mount Vesuvius is perhaps the world’s most famous volcano. Almost two thousand years ago, in the late summer (or early autumn) of AD 79, Mount Vesuvius violently erupted. The eruption continued for two days, causing huge amounts of volcanic ash to rain down on the surrounding area.

Where do volcanoes usually erupt?

The Earth’s volcanoes erupt most often near the boundaries of the 16 tectonic plates that form the planet’s outer crust. The vast majority of those plate boundaries are found along ocean floors.

Is Yellowstone overdue for an eruption?

Yellowstone Supervolcano Not Overdue For An Eruption But It Will Definitely Erupt. The massive Yellowstone supervolcano, whose eruption might one day end all life on Earth, isn’t overdue for its next “scheduled” eruption but it will definitely explode with a violence not seen in 640,000 years.