What sizes do drapery rods come in?

What sizes do drapery rods come in?

Curtain rods are available in a variety of lengths. The most standard sizes you’ll find in stores are 28-48 inches, 48-84 inches, 66-120 inches or 120-170 inches. These ready-made options cater to most common window sizes, but it’s best to purchase adjustable rods that can accommodate a broader range of window sizes.

How much weight can a metal curtain rod hold?

Here’s a quick answer. A typical tension rod can hold around 20 pounds which is the usual weight of a curtain. Heavy-duty tension rods are capable of supporting more than 20 pounds. Some heavy-duty tension rods can accommodate up to 30 pounds with their advanced features like a non-fall tension mechanism.

How long should a drapery rod be?

Additionally, be sure to choose a curtain rod that’s wider than your window. This allows curtains to be pulled completely to the side of the window and gives the appearance of a larger space. The rod itself should be 8 to 12 inches longer than the width of the window, which allows for 4 to 6 inches on either side.

How far should drapery rod extend past window?

As a general rule, drapes will be open during the day, so make sure the curtain rod extends at least four inches on each side of the window’s inside frame. To create the illusion of a wider window, extend the rod up to 10 inches beyond the window’s frame.

What is the shortest curtain rod length?

28-48″ Curtain Rods These small-sized curtain rods are for your smallest windows. Think of the small windows in bathrooms. Or maybe you have a door that is partially glass that you want to hang a curtain on. This width curtain rod will work.

How much weight can a single curtain rod hold?

Divide the weight by the required rod width to get the amount of weight per foot and choose a rod, based on the manufacturer’s information, that will accommodate this weight. For example, if the curtains weigh 50 pounds, and the required rod width is 12 feet, the rod must hold just over 4 pounds per foot.

Do you need middle bracket on curtain rod?

Most rods require support brackets every 30 to 36 inches. If your window is longer than 60 inches across, you’ll need two center support brackets. You can get single or double center support brackets depending if you’re hanging one or two layers of curtains.

What are the really short curtain rods called?

Crane Rods
I call them Crane Rods.

What do you call short curtain rods?

source. short rods. Sometimes called short side panel curtain rods, they do have a couple advantages:* Less expensive, not having to buy as many panels to cover whole window: source. short side.