What size track does a 1996 Arctic Cat ZRT 600 have?

What size track does a 1996 Arctic Cat ZRT 600 have?

121 In
Track Length: 121 In.

How long is a long track snowmobile?

136 inches
Long Track They are used for snowmobiles that need a longer track to maintain floatation and traction in non-compacted snow. This can be utility, 2 passenger, cross-over, or mountain snowmobiles. A longer track length is usually at least 136 inches (3.45 meters) long.

How long is an Arctic Cat?


BLAST M 4000
Overall Chassis Length 128 in.
Overall Chassis Width 44-46 in.
Overall Chassis Height 38.5 in.
Track Type Challenger

How long is a firecat track?

The Firecat/sabercats have a 13.5 inch wide track by 128.

What was the name of the 1998 Arctic Cat snowmobile?

Arctic Cat snowmobiles are known for redefining power-to-weight standards, and in 1998 Arctic Cat has rewritten the book with the all new ZR 500, ZR 600, and ZR 600 EFI. Named the 1998 Trail Performance Sleds of the Year by Sno West magazine, the ZR 500 and 600s have outdone the competition, once again.

How much does a 98 Arctic Cat powder weigh?

When I decided to spring order the PS it was listed by THEM as weighing 486 pounds dry. That made it the lightest stock 600 class mountain machine available. But the ’99 model is then listed by them as 509 pounds dry weight. So, how does a virtually unchanged machine suddenly increase 23 POUNDS?! Of course it actually didn’t.

Why is the Arctic Cat ZR 600 EFI?

That company is Arctic Cat, and its surge is being led largely by the ZR 600 EFI. Why is this ZR bucking the trends? It has so much to offer, taking a ton of technology that is new to the sport and mixing it with the new styling and much-improved fit and finish found in the ZR II chassis.

What kind of lug track does Arctic Cat have?

ZL 440, Powder Special EEl, Powder Special, Panther 440, Panther 340, and all the Jags. For extra traction in the deep stuff Arctic Cat offers a new, aggressive 2-inch deep lug track, the deepest lug available from any manufacturer.