What size are Street Glide shocks?

What size are Street Glide shocks?

Length Shocks for Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

How much air do I put in my Street Glide shocks?

Fasten the shock-absorber air pump to the rear air- suspension adjustment valve. Pressurize the rear air- suspension system to check for air leaks. Adjust air pressure for rider comfort and to accommodate changing load conditions. Do not exceed 50 psi (241kPa).

How fast is Harley Street Glide?

On the highway, the Street Glide runs an indicated 80 mph at just under 3,000 rpm. What this means on the 114 is that, since its torque declines from its 2,520-rpm peak, it is already on the downslope at highway speed.

What pressure Harley shocks?

Low profile rear suspension recommended air pressures: FLHX (STREET GLIDE)

Shock Load Total Weight Pressure
Rider with passenger weight of up to 150 lbs (0-68 kg) 20-30 psi (138-207 kPa)
Rider with passenger weight of over 150 lbs (over 68 kg) 25-35 psi (172-241 kPa)
Maximum GVWR See Label 40-50 psi (276-345 kPa)

Are there rear suspension shocks for Harley Street Glide?

The XMT-MOTO Rear Suspension Shocks are more touring parts for your wheels. With this product, it’s all about the height. You won’t experience any significant changes to it, as the measurements are precise. That means you’ll get about two inches up or down, but no more than three.

Which is the best Harley Davidson touring Shock?

Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT – Best Harley Touring Shocks The Progressive Suspension 944-4020UT is an all-touring shock that’s outfitted to be used for people that are planning on riding with a passenger.

How big is the shocks on a Harley Davidson Sportster?

The Factory Spec FS-04505 are shocks for the Sportster, measuring 10.5 inches in length. You can pre-load them during adjustments, and wrenches would be all you need to get it to the desired height. It’s a good buy for shorter riders, and will greatly help with reach.

Can a corvette air shock be used on a Harley?

There was a post in here a couple years or so back that a guy used an air shock kit from a corvette (monroe), I have been wanting to get one since, would like to feel the ride. I’m sure it would be alot better than the stock junk.