What should I put on facebook status?

What should I put on facebook status?

45 Status Updates About Life for Facebook

  1. The only person you should try to be better than is the one you were yesterday.
  2. Life is not about how hard you can hit.
  3. Life is a book.
  4. Every day is a second chance.
  5. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

What is a Facebook status?

A Facebook status is an update feature which allows users to discuss their thoughts, whereabouts, or important information with their friends. Similar to a tweet on the social networking site Twitter, a status is usually short and generally gives information without going into too much detail.

How to make Facebook statuses that get a lot of likes?

1 Life is so weird, as a kid you just wanna grow up, then now you wanna be a kid again. 2 I’m still waiting for that day that I will actually use x² + y +6 [ (x + 2y ² = a-z] + 4x ³ + (- 2z = 6. 3 Women don’t just go crazy, they are really crazy. 4 A grandparent’s house is where cousins become best friends.

Why do people put funny status updates on Facebook?

Funny Facebook status updates are becoming a popular way to tell the world about your day-to-day activities on the Internet. If you don’t have much time to sit around and play around with websites, you can just tell your friends about what you’ve been up to online and make sure they know about it.

Is there a funny thing to say on Facebook?

Whenever you need some funny Facebook status lines to make funny Facebook posts or funny status updates these funny Facebook quotes will help you the most. Also, you can use these funny Facebook statuses for your selfies, profile pictures and funny Caption for Facebook.

Are there any Facebook statuses that make you cry?

There’s always that one girl in your school that will always make you lose your brain. You do wanna cry? try using a tissue, it works much better than your Facebook status. Statistics say that 1 in 4 people are insane, so take a look at your 3 best friends and if they are all OK, it’s you!