What kind of cranks do I need for a BMX bike?

What kind of cranks do I need for a BMX bike?

Ranging from single cranks to three piece cranksets, we carry an array of colors that are available in chromoly and alloy. Our steel bearings on our cranksets are strong and powerful, so you can rely on them for the long-term and sustain a higher impact without worry.

What kind of crankset does Chase Hawk use?

The Cult Hawk V2 Crank is a signature BMX crankset from Cult Crew Member and XGames gold medal winner, Chase Hawk. The Cult Hawk Cranks feature He… Wrap around gusset design for increased strength. 3-pc tubular design with heat-treated chromoly arms RHD/LHD compatible 19mm hollow chromoly sp…

What kind of cranks are in colony 22?

Colony 22’S CRANKS Colony Venator Cranks Colony Venator Cranks with a 22mm axle and included the Install Tool with Grease. The Venator Cranks feature a 3-piece design and a 22mm, 48 spline chromoly spindle.

What kind of cranks are in animal Akimbo?

Animal Akimbo Cranks 175mm Black Only 22mm Sale Order a set of Animal Akimbo cranks and Ride! Designed with the help of FEA to be a set of extremely strong, but not overbuilt 3piece cranks. Animal Cranks Specs:3 piece chromoly design that can take non…

What kind of cranks does Dennis Enarson use?

Spindle: 19mm Hollow/ Heat Treated Chromoly Spindle Bolts: 3/8″ x 24T Flush Mount Spindle Splines: 48 Sprocket Bolt: 10×1.5mm Mid 19mm BB, cones, The Demolition Rig Cranks are designed and heavily used by Demolition Parts Pro Rider, Dennis Enarson.

What kind of chromoly is in DK bikes social cranks?

Dk Bikes Social Cranks are made up of heat treated 4130 chromoly in both the arms and 19mm 48 splined spindle. Set up to be used either RHD or LHD… The Eclat Maverick Crank are built with strength as to priority. Eclat decided that the weakest spot on most crank arms is the weld so the Maverick…