What is VM motion?

What is VM motion?

at a glance. VMware® VMotion™ enables the live migration of running virtual machines from one physical server to another with zero downtime, continuous service availability, and complete transaction integrity. VMotion is a key enabling technology for creating the dynamic, automated, and self- optimizing data center.

What happens when you vMotion a VM?

VMware vMotion keeps track of the ongoing memory transactions in a bitmap. Upon completion of the data transfer, vMotion suspends the source VM, copies the bitmap to the target host, and resumes the VM’s activities. The entire process is performed in such a manner so as to ensure transaction integrity.

Does vMotion cause downtime?

A virtual machine migration with vMotion preserves the precise execution state, network identity and active network connections, so there is no downtime or disruption experienced by users.

Why vMotion is required?

vMotion enables IT departments to migrate individual VMs from a private data center to a public cloud as needed. Be sure the cloud provider can match both the hardware and software requirements for compatibility. Alternatively, migrating powered-off VMs reduces the compatibility requirements.

How is the vMotion process completed in VMware?

The VMware vMotion process is completed in three steps: The virtual machine health is verified to be stable by vCenter Server The memory, registers, and network connections are copied to the target host (virtual machine state) The virtual machine is then able to resume operations on the new target host

What happens during a migration with storage vMotion?

During a migration with Storage vMotion, you can change the disk provisioning type. Migration with Storage vMotion changes virtual machine files on the destination datastore to match the inventory name of the virtual machine. The migration renames all virtual disk, configuration, snapshot, and .nvram files.

What is VMware storage vMotion and storage vmbu?

What is VMware Storage vMotion? Storage vMotion is a newer technology from VMware that allows migrating all virtual machine files from one storage location to another while the VM is powered on and without any downtime.

How does vMotion support work in ESXi cluster?

The enhanced vMotion compatibility allows vMotion operations between dissimilar processors in ESXi hosts within the same cluster. This allows migrating a virtual machine between a host with a certain micro architecture included with a CPU generation to a different CPU microarchitecture.