What is transmissive display?

What is transmissive display?

An LCD screen that uses a backlight. Transmissive LCDs are widely used in portable computers and provide excellent viewing indoors. They must be used outdoors in the shade because direct sunlight overwhelms the backlight, making viewing difficult. See LCD, LCD subpixels and LCD types.

What is reflective display?

Reflective displays are based on technology that reflects ambient light rather than emitting it. This enables displays that can be read as easily as paper in sunlight for a more natural viewing experience, resting our eyes from the current dominance of intense backlit and emissive displays like LCD and OLED.

What is a reflective LCD display?

Reflective LCD Technology. Sun Vision Display LCD panels use reflective technology instead of a backlight. A mirror is installed behind the liquid crystal layer, either inside the LCD cell or on the rear polarizer. Reflective LCD display panels are the perfect solution for many outdoor applications.

What are emissive and reflective displays?

Emissive displays tend to have very high contrast ratio. Transmissive displays have high contrast ratio, but they also have high luminance. Reflective displays have high luminance, high contrast ratio, high sharpness, and good spatial uniformity.

What’s the difference between transmissive and reflective LCD?

A transflective LCD, which is a combination of a transmissive and reflective LCD, begins with a transmissive LCD and adds a partially reflective mirror layer between the LCD and backlight. When a transflective LCD is used indoors the illuminated screen comes from the backlight.

How does a transflective LCD screen work indoors?

When a transflective LCD is used indoors the illuminated screen comes from the backlight. When the LCD screen is used outdoors, light has to go through the LCD twice before displaying, once on the way into the LCD and one more time out with the backlight.

Why does a transflective LCD need a mirror?

Transflective LCDs are a compromise that allows users to obtain better viewing under both lighting conditions. However, because the mirror is built to let through backlight as well as reflect frontlight, it cannot do both equally as well as mirrors dedicated to one purpose.

Can a transflective display be read when the backlight is on?

The display can only be read when the backlight is ON which makes it a poor choice for battery or solar powered products. Ideal for battery powered products. Below are two photos comparing a Transmissive polarizer to a Transflective polarizer. These segment displays (below) are shown in different color backlight options.