What is the purpose of the HyperLadder?

What is the purpose of the HyperLadder?

HyperLadder™ 100bp is a molecular weight marker, composed of a restriction digest plus one or more PCR products, especially designed for easy size determination of linear double-stranded DNA fragments on 1% to 2% agarose gels.

What is a HyperLadder gel electrophoresis?

HyperLadder™ Application Notes. Application Notes | www.bioline.com/hyperladder. Nucleic acid electrophoresis is a widely performed molecular biology technique and is used to separate, identify and purify nucleic acids based on the principle of charge migration.

How does SYBR Safe stain work?

SYBR Safe is a cyanine dye used as a nucleic acid stain in molecular biology. SYBR Safe binds to DNA. The resulting DNA-dye-complex absorbs blue light (λmax = 509 nm) and emits green light (λmax = 524 nm).

What is the pH of TAE buffer?

pH 8.3
TAE buffer is a buffer solution containing a mixture of Tris base, acetic acid and EDTA. In molecular biology it is used in agarose electrophoresis typically for the separation of nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA. It is made up of Tris-acetate buffer, usually at pH 8.3, and EDTA, which sequesters divalent cations.

Why is hyperladder 1 KB ready to use?

The ready-to-use format reduces handling steps and saves time ; to use simply transfer HyperLadder™ 1 kb from the vial to the gel. Because of the multiple possible packaging options of this product, the price may vary. Please log in to see the different ordering options.

How big is a molecular weight marker for hyperladder?

Ready-to-use molecular weight marker with higher intensity bands for easy orientation, used for size determination of nucleic acids from 200 bp to 10 kb.

How is the mass of a hyperladder band determined?

The ready-to-use format reduces handling steps and saves time; simply transfer HyperLadder 1kb from the vial to the gel. The approximate mass of DNA in each of the HyperLadder 1kb bands is provided for optionally determining the approximate mass of DNA in comparably intense samples of similar size.

What kind of dye does a hyperladder 1kb use?

The HyperLadder 1kb is also supplied with a 5x loading dye for loading of sample DNA. With a wide size range, HyperLadder 1kb is perfect for size determination in techniques such as sequence analysis, confirmation of plasmid construction and PCR products as well as Southern blotting and other downstream techniques.