What is the importance of Parad Shivling?

What is the importance of Parad Shivling?

Parad Shivling get equal benefits to worship 108 other types of shivling. Worship of Parad Shivling is capable of giving instant Luck, wealth, position, name and fame.

What does the Shivling signify?

lingam, (Sanskrit: “sign” or “distinguishing symbol”) also spelled linga, in Hinduism, a votary object that symbolizes the god Shiva and is revered as an emblem of generative power. The lingam appears in Shaivite temples and in private shrines throughout India.

How do you take care of a Parad Shivling?

Method of Cleaning Parad Shivling

  1. Step 1:- Making the Paste. Mix soil and sandalwood powder in a bowl and make a paste by adding a little water.
  2. Step 2:- Removing Lamination.
  3. Step 3:- Washing the Parad Shivling.
  4. Step 4:- Polishing the Parad Shivling.

Can we keep Shiva photo at home?

A picture of Shiva must be placed at home. Apart from this, you can also put such a picture of Shivji in which he is sitting with his whole family. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that do not put such a picture of Shiva in the house, in which he is in a state of anger or is wearing his form of rage.

What is the cost of Parad Shivling?

G. S. RANA PARAD SHIVLING (50 Gram) Parad Shivling (29 mm) , Assorted

M.R.P.: ₹3,000.00
Price: ₹2,000.00
You Save: ₹1,000.00 (33%)
Inclusive of all taxes

Why is it important to believe in Parad Shivling?

Parad Shivling when worshipped with proper procedure, belief, and enthusiasm helps human beings physically, spiritually, and psychologically. Also protects people from natural calamities, disaster, external evil effects. Some of the reference in the ancient texts of Ayurveda and mythological origins which justifies these belief are as follows.

Why is Parad Shivling important to Ravan and Banasur?

It states that Ravan was a Rassiddha Yogi, and hence he used to worship Parad Shivling through which he was able to make Lord Shiva happy, and through which he was able to make his kingdom of gold. Similarly Banasur (Rakshas) also worshipped Parad Shivling and attained his desired wishes.

What is the significance of Parad Shiva Lingam?

It is said that Parad Shiva Lingam is a symbolic representation of Lord Shiva-the divine. A person possessing a Parad Shiv Ling which is energized by Mantras and blessed by a Pundit or a Guru is sure to invite good fortune, great luck, and overall bliss in his life.

Why is it important to worship Parad Linga?

Worshipping a Parad Shiv Linga with pure devotion is said to fill the devotee’s life with many boons while also creating a protective shield around him/her. The Shivling made of Parad finds mention in the ancient Holy Scriptures. Parad Shivalinga is a Shivling made of solidified alchemical Parad (mercury) which is considered to be the purest metal.