What is the age of Vijay Shanthi?

What is the age of Vijay Shanthi?

55 years (24 June 1966)

When was Vijay Shanthi born?

24 June 1966 (age 55 years)
Vijayashanti/Date of birth

How many movies did Chiranjeevi and Vijayashanti?

The combo worked for 19 films which included all time industry hits like Pasiwadi Praanam, Yamudiki Mogudu, Atthaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu and Gang Leader. Following is the list of Chiranjeevi and Vijayashanti’s combo movies.

Is Vijaya Shanti married?

M. V. Srinivas Prasadm. 1988

Which heroine acted more with Chiranjeevi?

Biography & Trivia

Real Name Konidela Sivashankara Vara Prasad
Cinematographer with Most Number of films for Chiranjeevi Lok Singh (31 films)
Heroine with Most Number of films for Chiranjeevi Vijaya Shanti (19 films)
Personal Make-up man Siva
Personal Costumes designer Shazi

Who is the actress Vijayashanti from Tamil Nadu?

Vijayashanti is an actress from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. She was born on 24th June 1966 at Madras State, Madras, India. Her father’s name is Srinivas Prasad. Her mother’s name is Varalaxmi. Vijayashanti is married. Her husband’s name is M. V. Srinivas Prasad.

How many movies has Satti Vijayashanti acted in?

Satti Vijayashanti (born 24 June 1966) is an Indian actress, producer and politician. In a film career spanning 40 years, she has acted in 187 feature films in a variety of roles in various languages predominantly in Telugu, in addition to Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam films.

Where did the name Shanti Vijayashanti come from?

She is credited as “The Lady Superstar” and “The Action Queen of Indian Cinema”. Vijayashanti’s given name was ‘Shanti’. Her screen name was based on her aunt Vijaya Lalitha, who was a veteran heroine in Telugu and Tamil films.

Which is the first Telugu movie of Vijayshanti?

She is a darling to Telugu movie audiences. She acted in 175 movies in total–121 Telugu, 39 Tamil, 6 Hindi, 5 Kannada and 4 Malayalam movies. She started her career when she was 13. Her first movie was ‘Kallukkul Earam’ (Tamil, 1979) was directed by Bharti Raja.