What is PFDS waiver?

What is PFDS waiver?

The Pennsylvania Person/Family Directed Support Waiver is designed to help individuals with an intellectual disability, autism, or developmental disability to live more independently in their homes and communities and to provide a variety of services that promote community living, including self-directed service models …

How many waivers does ODP administer?

The four waivers offered by ODP are the Adult Autism Waiver, the Consolidated Waiver, the Person/Family Directed Support (P/FDS) Waiver, and the Community Living Waiver.

What is waiver Program?

A waiver program allows the state to waive some requirements to meet the needs of individuals. For example, a waiver may help a person with an increased likelihood of requiring long-term care, such as those with behavioral issues or technologically dependent children.

What is the Act 150 program?

Pennsylvania’s Act 150 Program enables adults 18 through 59 years of age who are mentally alert and have physical disabilities to perform activities of daily living (such as eating, personal hygiene, and transporting themselves).

What do you need to know about P / FDS waiver?

 The Person/Family Directed Support Waiver (P/FDS) The P/FDS Waiver provides services to support individuals to continue to live in their family / friends homes and to support those who need minimal services to live independently.

Is there a no consolidated pfdsw waiver for Pennsylvania?

No Consolidated, PFDSW, Base Services with code W7077 through W7081 may be made available to individuals by providers in states contiguous to Pennsylvania when services meet comparable standards. Must have regional approval in writing. No Consolidated, PFDSW, Base

What kind of waiver do I need in PA?

The following programs assist persons with disabilities in Pennsylvania: The Autism Waiver; Person/Family Directed Support (PFDS) Waiver; Independence Waiver; and Attendant Care Waiver. The Person/Family Directed Support (PFDS) Waiver serves people with intellectual disabilities.

What does consolidated waiver, person family directed support waiver?

Consolidated Waiver, Person Family Directed Support Waiver Base Funded Services Definitions Service Category ISO/Payme nt Agent Funding Transaction Code Modifier Service Name Service Description Unit Yes – Individual, No – Agency Consolidated, PFDSW, Base