What is meant by ideological state apparatus?

What is meant by ideological state apparatus?

ideological state apparatus A term developed by the Marxist theorist Louis Althusser to denote institutions such as education, the churches, family, media, trade unions, and law, which were formally outside state control but which served to transmit the values of the state, to interpellate those individuals affected by …

What is the difference between ideological state apparatus and repressive state apparatus?

All the State Apparatuses function both by repression and by ideology, with the difference that the (Repressive) State Apparatus functions massively and predominantly by repression, whereas the Ideological State Apparatuses function massively and predominantly by ideology.

What is repressive state apparatus in sociology?

The Repressive State Apparatus consists of the army, the police, the judiciary, and the prison system. It operates primarily by means of mental and physical coercion and violence (latent and actual).

How is school an ideological state apparatus?

According to Althusser, education operates as an ideological state apparatus in two ways; Firstly, it transmits a general ideology which states that capitalism is just and reasonable – the natural and fairest way of organising society, and portraying alternative systems as unnatural and irrational Secondly, schools …

Which is an example of an ideological apparatus?

Conversely, state apparatuses are more obvious, very tangible spaces of ideology. For example, police and prisons are agencies of the state apparatus. Althusser believes that the state apparatus is differentiated in its more apparent and direct use of violence and force.

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When was Althusser’s ideology and ideological state apparatuses published?

Althusser was a Structuralist Marxist. He wrote ideology and ideological state apparatuses in French which was published in 1970. In this essay, Althusser tells how the conditions of means of production and productive forces are reproduced and maintained in society. Reproduction of Conditions of Production

Which is an example of a repressive state apparatus?

Althusser proposes a thesis regarding two apparatuses he believes are used: the repressive State apparatus and the ideological State apparatus. Repressive State apparatuses are easy to explain – they are State institutions like the Army and the Police which function by repression.