What is kewra oil?

What is kewra oil?

Kewra oil is extracted from the flowers of Kewra plant through the steam distillation method. Due to its awesome health benefits, it is widely used in the aromatherapy applications. The botanical name of Kewra plant is Pandmns Odoratissimus. The main components of Kewra oil are sandalwood oil and other essential oils.

What is called kewra in English?

Description. Kewra water, also called kewra essence or kevda water, is a fragrant Indian floral water, in the tradition of rose water, extracted from the flowers of Pandanus tectorius. Kewra water is better known in Southeast Asia as pandan leaf extract.

What is Kewra essence used for?

Bestowed with ample anti-inflammatory agents, kewra water is a fantastic organic product, to combat acne, dry skin, peeling in psoriasis, eczema and rosacea., which cause incessant pain, itching and scarring on the skin.

Is kewra water and rose water same?

Ganpati Herbal Kewra water is an extract that is distilled from pandanus flowers. It is a transparent liquid, almost similar to rose water. Although pandanus trees grow almost everywhere in tropical Asia, Ganpati Rose Water Has Been Traditionally Used As A Flavoring Agent And It Imparts Aroma To Your Food.

How is the oil of kewda flower extracted?

The Kewda oil is extracted by processing the flowers in distilleries. Around 250 processing units, locally known as bhatis, were engaged in processing the flowers. Apart from its use in the perfume industry, the oil of the thorny flower is used in preparing gutka (a stimulant that causes mouth cancer).

Where does Kewra oil come from in India?

Kewra, keora or kewda ( Hindi: केवड़ा, Bengali: কেওড়া, Odia: କିଆ, Urdu: کیوڑہ ‎, Punjabi: ਕੇਵੜਾ) is an essential oil distilled from the male flower of the Pandanus odorifer tree. The plant is native to tropical South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australasia, and the oil is used as a flavoring agent throughout much of these regions.

Where does the kewda flower grow in India?

The kewda flower and its rhu, produced after processing the flowers, is also unique to the region. The flower grows in at least four coastal blocks of the district – Chhatrapur, Rangeilunda, Ganjam and Chikiti. The Kewda oil is extracted by processing the flowers in distilleries.

Can you use kewra water with Pandanus oil?

Kewra water or the pandanus flower water which is the aqueous distillate is quite diluted and can be used by the teaspoon or tablespoon.