What is difference between time-based and condition based maintenance?

What is difference between time-based and condition based maintenance?

Condition-based maintenance uses conditions or thresholds to say when it is time to perform maintenance. It is like you setting a rule, e.g. “When this sound starts we need to do maintenance”. Predictive maintenance on the other hand tries to predict into the future when you will need to service your equipment.

What is time-based maintenance TBM?

Time-based maintenance (TBM) is maintenance performed on equipment based on a calendar schedule. TBM maintenance is planned maintenance, as it must be scheduled in advance. This means that it can be used with both predictive maintenance and preventative maintenance.

What is condition based maintenance example?

One example of condition-based maintenance is monitoring pressure readings on equipment with water systems. Monitoring pressure levels allows maintenance staff to identify when and where a leak is likely to occur before it happens, instead of at the point of failure.

What is condition based maintenance plus?

Condition-Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) is a collaborative DoD readiness initiative focused on the development and implementation of data analysis and sustainment technology capabilities to improve weapon system availability and achieve optimum costs across the enterprise.

Is the Navy too far from time based maintenance?

The Navy may have swung too far from time-based maintenance towards condition-based maintenance, service officials say, and are discussing reversing course to help get through maintenance periods on a shorter timeline.

How does the U.S.Navy use RCM?

„U.S. Navy employs two RCM processes in Surface Ship planned maintenance: zClassic (Maintenance requirement development) and zBackfit (Continuous improvement) „RCM training and certification are enabling cultural change at the deckplates „Application of RCM-Based Condition Based Maintenance at O, I and D-levels to optimize surface ship readiness

How is real time data used in maintenance?

Industry Pacesetters use real-time equipment data to prioritize and optimize their maintenance resources. The process is straightforward in concept: simply use real-time data to determine the equipment health, but only inform the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) when maintenance is actually necessary.

How does condition based maintenance work in Airlines?

Condition Based Maintenance works great in the civilian airline industry because they use it properly. For example, after every flight they download the data and see how the engines are wearing out and in what areas. When an engine needs something fixed, before it fails, they pull it and fix it.