What is an inline table valued function?

What is an inline table valued function?

Inline table valued function refers to a TVF where the function body just contains one line of select statement. There is not return variable. Multi-statement table valued function refers to a TVF where it has a return table variable. Inside the function body, there will be statements populating this table variable.

How do you call an inline table valued function in SQL Server?

How to pass multiple parameters into an Inline table-valued function

  1. Creating a user-defined table type: CREATE TYPE ProductNumberList AS TABLE.
  2. Adding the table-valued to udfGetProductList function with READONLY statement:
  3. Declare a variable as a table-valued parameter and populate it with multiple parameter values.

How do I run a table valued function in SQL?

SQL Server Table-valued Functions

  1. CREATE FUNCTION udfProductInYear ( @model_year INT ) RETURNS TABLE AS RETURN SELECT product_name, model_year, list_price FROM production.products WHERE model_year = @model_year;
  2. SELECT * FROM udfProductInYear(2017);
  3. SELECT product_name, list_price FROM udfProductInYear(2018);

What is table valued function in SQL?

A table-valued function returns a single rowset (unlike stored procedures, which can return multiple result shapes). Because the return type of a table-valued function is Table , you can use a table-valued function anywhere in SQL that you can use a table.

How do I create a SQL Server Function?

Creating a CLR function in SQL Server involves the following steps: Define the function as a static method of a class in a language supported by the .NET Framework. Register the assembly in SQL Server by using the CREATE ASSEMBLY statement. Create the function that references the registered assembly by using the CREATE FUNCTION statement.

What is inline query in SQL Server?

A inline query is a type of sub-query present in FROM clause of a SQL as a data source. Below are the type of sub-query: If it present in SELECT list, it is called “sub-select”.

What is user defined table type in SQL?

SQL Server provides the User Defined Table Types as a method to create a pre-defined temp table. Additionally, because they are a defined object in a database, you can pass them around as parameters or variables from one query to another. They can even be read only input parameters to stored procedures.

What is a function in SQL?

A function is a database object in SQL Server. Basically, it is a set of SQL statements that accept only input parameters, perform actions and return the result.