What is Aghd ceremony?

What is Aghd ceremony?

The aghd is the ceremony portion of the wedding in which the bride and groom sit in front of an assorted sofreh (or table) full of items that have meanings behind them. “The sofreh aghd represents the symbolic and traditional union of the bride and groom,” explains Enayati.

What are wedding traditions in Iran?

There will be dinner, sweets and flowers in Aroosi. After the party, everyone scourts the bride and groom’s car which is decorated with flowers, and they go to the newlyweds house and the rest of the party continues there with close friends and families. This was the general traditions of weddings in Iran.

What is a khAstegAri?

“khAstegAri” is “to propose to a girl”. Traditionally the boy’s family visits the girl’s family to discuss the matter.

What is bale Boroon?

Bale Boroon is a Persian ceremony that is held in the house of the bride where only close relatives are invited and the news of the marriage between the couple is announced publicly. Date Taken: 09

What was the wedding ceremony like in Iran?

Alexander and his men married a number of Iranian women, mainly from the royalty and aristocracy. In one account it is mentioned that the marriage ceremonies were in Persian fashion; chairs were set for the bridegrooms in order of precedence. Wine was served and they all drank to health.

What are the steps of a Persian wedding?

When it comes to the wedding, all acquaintances are invited to the ceremony. There will be an extravagant feast and celebration, and usually the host families spare no expenses. Also, the majority of the Iranian population upholds all these steps. In the following you’ll find the elements and steps of the Persian wedding:

Where does the Chinese wedding ceremony take place?

Modern Chinese Wedding Ceremonies Although the official modern Chinese wedding ceremony usually takes place in a city hall office presided over by a government official, the genuine celebration generally occurs later at a private wedding banquet reception that is usually hosted and paid for by the groom’s family.

What do you call a canopy at a Persian wedding?

Canopies have served as a long-standing wedding tradition for Jewish as well as traditional Persian weddings. “In Judaism, a canopy held up at four sides is called a c huppah and is what the couple stands under as the officiant carries out the wedding ceremony,” says Enayati.