What is a flywheel vex?

What is a flywheel vex?

Flywheels, slingshots, and catapults are specialized manipulators which are designed to fling or throw game pieces. They are assembled using Structural, Motion, and other VEX products. They are often paired with sensors to help control the throw. Flywheels spin at a very high speed in order to throw game pieces.

What are the four main types of VEX parts?

The VEX GO Kit has four types of gears: the Red Gear has 8 teeth, the Green Gear has 16 teeth, the Blue Gear has 24 teeth, and the Pink Gear has 24 teeth.

Can you use string in vex?

VEX includes a string datatype. This is useful in several places: Manipulating text. Referencing filenames and op node names.

What is Vex equipment?

VEX 123 is an interactive, programmable robot that takes Computer Science and Computational Thinking off of the screen and brings them into the hands of elementary students. Shop Now. Grades 3+ VEX GO is an affordable STEM construction system that taps into children’s natural inquisitiveness.

What do you need to know about Ratchet gears?

Used to prevent unwanted motion in spools, clocks, and printers, ratchet gears have sloped teeth that allow motion in one direction and prevent it in the other. A pawl is required to prevent backward motion. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number.

How are rack gears used in VEX Robotics?

Rack Gears can be used to turn rotary motion into linear motion. Use any VEX spur gear as a pinion to drive these rack gears. Stack multiple rack gears back to back for longer motions. Combine these with a VEX linear slide and Rack Gear Bracket (sold separately) to create a simple linear actuator.

What are the different sizes of Vex spur gears?

These mounting holes can be used for attaching metal bars or parts to these gears when using them as part of a turntable system, or other similar designs. This kit contains four sizes of VEX Spur Gears (12-, 36-, 60-, and 84-tooth gears).

How are the teeth of a Vex axle made?

Each of these gears has a wider face width; this means each tooth is wider so applied loads will be spread over a larger area. The 12-tooth High Strength Gear is molded out of powdered metal. The 36-tooth and 60-tooth Gears have powdered metal inserts. These metallic components will protect the gear from high loads applied by a VEX axle.