What happened to Vanessa from College Hill Virgin Islands?

What happened to Vanessa from College Hill Virgin Islands?

The fourth season premiered on March 6, 2007 and followed the lives of eight students at the University of the Virgin Islands — Idesha Browne, Fallon Favors, Vanessa Hamilton, Krystal Lee, Willie Macc. Vanessa was removed from the house half way through filming, after an attacking Krystal.

Where was College Hill Virgin Islands filmed?

Alumni and parents sent e-mails and called the university. Radio shows aired discontent over the way the students portrayed themselves. Members of the university’s Board of Trustees expressed their outrage over the cast members’ behavior and distanced themselves from the decision to allow the show to be filmed at UVI.

When did College Hill Virgin Islands Air?

August 4, 2014
College Hill: VIrgin Islands/First episode date

What year did College Hill Atlanta come out?

The sixth season, which is set in South Beach, Florida, premiered on March 24, 2009. The show aired every Tuesday at 10 pm on BET….DVD release.

Season # Season name DVD release date
3 Virginia State University September 25, 2006
4 University of the Virgin Islands July 17, 2007
5 Atlanta August 19, 2008

Where are the cast of College Hill Part 2?

So, my gift to you, is the second part, including Virginia State University cast, South Beach cast, and Atlanta cast. Now if I included everyone that you all asked for, this article would be 19 pages and I know how you all feel about the multiple pages.

Are there any black actors on College Hill?

During the early days of reality television, there was always one token Black character in the cast, who most likely didn’t get that much camera time. But fortunately by 2004, BET had caught on to the reality show wave and gave us exactly what we needed: a young, all Black cast of college students under surveillance.

When was the last season of College Hill?

So much has changed since the last season premiered over 10 years ago. Thankfully, BET decided to bless up during quarantine with a little College Hill marathon, and besides wanting to know what the cast members are up to, everyone really wants to know what they look like now.

Where are they now in ” College Hill ” article?

Let me just say: WOW! I’ve been doing these “Where Are They Now”s for a minute, and I wasn’t expecting the reaction from the first part of the”College Hill” article. But when I asked: “Tell me which ones you wanted to see for part 2 in the comment section,” you all did not fail to deliver.