What happened Crystal Bever?

What happened Crystal Bever?

Crystal Bever survived the brutal killings performed by her brothers but was critically injured from her wounds. She identified two of her brothers as the assailants in the familicide, saying that they lured her to a bedroom before slitting her throat and stabbing her in the stomach and arms.

Who killed Cory Beavers?

Ali Mahmood Awad Irsan
Ali Irsan

Ali Mahmood Awad Irsan
Criminal penalty Death (August 2018)
Victims Gelareh Bagherzadeh Coty Beavers
Date January 15, 2012 (Bagherzadeh) November 12, 2012 (Beavers)

What did David Bever do for a living?

David Bever’s former co-workers in the IT department at Samson Resources described him as a quiet man who kept to himself. “He was a nice guy, but we weren’t close,” said Lisa Wolfe, Bever’s supervisor at Samson. “I hired him. He worked for us for several years as a contractor.

Is Broken Arrow Oklahoma a good place to live?

BROKEN ARROW – A national magazine has named Broken Arrow one of the best small cities in the nation for the third time since 2006. The city is ranked No. 69 in Money magazine’s 2012 list of the best 100 places to live, the highest of four Oklahoma cities on the list and the only one in northeastern Oklahoma.

Who is Robert Beaver who killed his parents and siblings?

Robert Bever was sentenced in Tulsa County District Court after pleading guilty to the July 2015 killings, which he is alleged to have committed with his brother Michael, 17.

What did the Bever brothers do to their sister?

As one of the Bever boys would later tell police, “It wasn’t like it was on the TV — you cut them once and they die.” After Michael lured his sister into a bedroom under the pretense of showing her something on a computer, Robert grabbed her from behind and slashed her throat. Crystal fought back, and he plunged his knife into her abdomen and arms.

What did Michael Bever do to his parents?

Bever pleaded guilty in 2016 to stabbing his parents and siblings to death and attacking another sibling in their Broken Arrow home. His brother, Michael Bever, was convicted in 2018 in the same attack.

What did the Bever brothers do in Broken Arrow?

Authorities have called the killings the “worst single criminal event in Broken Arrow history”. The brothers were charged with five counts of first-degree murder and one count of assault and battery with intent to kill. On July 25, authorities announced that Michael Bever will be charged as an adult.