What gear do you need for dirt bike racing?

What gear do you need for dirt bike racing?

The most essential protective gear a motocross rider must wear are a helmet, boots, goggles, MX kit (pants, jersey, gloves), knee and elbow pads/braces, chest protector/body armor, and a neck brace. Keep in mind that all this gear must be specifically designed for motocross or dirt bike riders.

How much is the dirt bike gear?

How Much Does Motocross Gear Cost?

Elbow and Wrist Guards $20 – $200
Body Armor $45 – $290
Neck Brace $45 – $370
TOTAL COST OF MX GEAR $645 – $3,740+

What is the best gear for a dirt bike?

Best beginner dirt gear

Gear Category Price
Alpinestars Tech 3 boots Best beginner dirt boots $200
Leatt Dual Axis knee guards Best beginner dirt knee guards $100
Alpinestars Bionic Action jacket Best beginner dirt armor $160
100% Racecraft 2 goggles Best beginner dirt goggles $65

What is a riding gear dirt bike?

Dirt Bike Riding Gear We covered the basics, so let’s check out some of the protective worth your while especially when racing. Dirt bike neck braces. Dirt bike elbow and wrist protection. Dirt bike kidney belts. Dirt bike protection jackets.

Where to buy dirt bike and motocross gear?

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What do you need to know about dirt bike riding gear?

You need to know your dirt bike riding gear and your bike will perform—so you can push the limits of your abilities. Your gear cannot inhibit your movements on the bike; you have to be fluid. The best motocross apparel on the market offers a balance of mobility and functionality, protecting you in a spill without holding you back.

What kind of riding gear does Motosport have?

MotoSport offers an extensive line of riding gear for men, women and children for track or trail riding. So, whether you’re new to the sport or looking to replace well-used gear we’ve got you covered. Literally. Our comprehensive line of gear from all the industry brands gives you the knowledge necessary to make an informed purchase.

What kind of riding gear does Rocky Mountain ATV use?

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.com has off road and motocross riding gear the pros wear including motocross apparel that’s sure to get you noticed and remembered on the track. We have the biggest selection of men’s motocross gear, women’s motocross gear and kid’s motocross gear, all from industry brands you trust and…