What does sap sago cheese taste like?

What does sap sago cheese taste like?

What can you expect in a bite of Sap Sago? Well, you can count on it being an aged dry, hard cheese with a pungent, spicy but delicious flavor. If it is too strong by itself, try cutting the cheese with butter to make it a cheese spread called Zigerbutter.

What is Sap Sago cheese?

Sap Sago cheese is a hard, almost fat free, pungent, grating cheese made only in the mountains of the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland. It is made either with non-fat milk or buttermilk.

What is Geska cheese?

Description. Traditional Swiss spreading cheese with real alpine herbs and almost no fat. The full unmistakable intense flavour is ideal for adding flavour to dishes such as pasta, soup and sauces.

What kind of cheese is green?

Green cheese varieties include: Cherni Vit – Green cheese from Bulgaria. Sage Derby cheese. Schabziger – Swiss green cheese.

Where does the cheese Sap Sago come from?

Sap Sago. Schabziger, sold under the name sapsago in the United States, is a traditional Swiss cheese produced in the Canton of Glarus in Switzerland. Records suggest the cheese was made by the monks of Glarus since the 8th century.

What kind of milk is used to make sago cheese?

The cheese is produced from skimmed cow’s milk with addition of blue fenugreek, a type of clover which gives the cheese a pale lime colour. It is an extremely expensive herb brought to Europe in ancient times from the Middle East.

What kind of cheese is Schabziger made out of?

Schabziger ( German pronunciation: [ˈʃaptsɪgɐ]) or sapsago is traditional cheese exclusively produced in the Canton of Glarus in Switzerland. Schabziger is made out of the skimmed cow milk and a special kind of herb, blue fenugreek ( Trigonella caerulea ), also called blue melilot.

What kind of cheese is used in dukkah?

The cheese is used in cooking as a condiment or as a dipping similar to the Dukkah. It is also grated over food or the butter-mix paste is spread over bread or crackers. The cheese is high in protein and almost fat-free.