What do you need to know about crafting in Lotro?

What do you need to know about crafting in Lotro?

Crafting is the name given to the method by which you can make items for yourself, your other characters and other players. By “items” I mean: Armour, Jewellery, Weapons and consumables (like Trail Food, or Scrolls giving temporary stat increases).

What are the different gathering professions in Lotro?

The gathering professions have been consolidated to require fewer items. Each gathering profession now only needs one tier of refined material. For example: in tier 9, a Westemnet Prospector would harvest skarn and smelt it into low-grade ingots, which were turned into mid- or high-grade ingots in turn.

What’s the best way to make jewellery in Lotro?

Tinker: as making Jewellery involves both metals and gems, you mainly gather from deposits of metals via Prospecting also. Gems may also be mined from these deposits. Keep an eye on pending loot as gems such as Agates can fall from humanoids (living and undead). Prospecting can also yield materials helpful for Historians.

What do you need to be a metalsmith in Lotro?

Metalsmith and Weaponsmith: Your key resource is deposits of metal. In the starter regions this will involve mining Copper Deposits for Copper Ore via the Prospecting gathering ability. Prospecting can also yield Brimstones (for Armourers) and Whetstones (for Weaponsmiths).

How to track resources in Lotro by profession?

Depending on your chosen Crafting Profession you can track a variety of resources while questing. When a resource is tracked, icons appear in your minimap to show you where a gathering “node” is. When you start a profession your tracking abilities are automatically added to your quickbars.

What do you do as a prospector in Lotro?

As a prospector, the last of the three gathering professions, you will mine ore, gather gems, find dye salts, and other crafting components in the ore nodes throughout Middle-Earth. The components gathered as a prospector can be used in the Metalsmith, Weaponsmith, and Jeweller professions, making this a very useful profession to have.

What are the types of professions in Lotro?

There are two types of professions; gathering and producing. Each profession is interdependent upon another for materials (in most cases), which basically means that you must work together as a crafting team to complete some of your recipes. For more details please visit Crafter interdependence .